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    Default Madoka Magica Shipping Discussion

    I'm surprised we don't have this thread yet

    So, what are your favorite ships in Puella Magi Madoka Magica? :3c

    I love KyouSaka....just ;______; Kyouko is my favorite character in general from the series, and their story together just KGLJAGLKJASDG ugh right in the feels, man. I remember seeing art of them together before I got too far in to the series, and when they first met and interacted I didn't get it, but then later I totally saw it ;~;

    Madoka/Homura...I am simply okay with. To be honest, I like them more as best friends than a relationship, but I think that Homura does deeply love Madoka, even if it's only platonic. Idk it is very complicated ;___;

    Madoka shipping feels go go go
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    Default Re: Madoka Magica Shipping Discussion

    fucking why ughhh

    Okay first off, otp from this show: KyoSaya. I know I'm not alone in this one. Sayaka and Kyoko are without a doubt my two favorite characters in the whole anime and I just love how they interacted together. So maybe they got off to a bit of a rocky start (putting it mildly actually), but once they had their discussion in Kyoko's father's church, and Kyoko tried so hard to get through to Sayaka when her soul gem was becoming corrupted...I couldn't handle it. When the soul gem shattered and Kyoko just screamed her name out...that was so heartbreaking to me. And then Kyoko was so hopeful that they could save Sayaka from what she had become, and how Sayaka reminded her of the reason why she became a magical girl to begin with, and when she realized she couldn't save Sayaka she sacrificed herself so Sayaka wouldn't be alone...I CAN'T.

    Madoka and Homura are a great ship too. Homura went through so much for Madoka; you have to really love a person to go through that much shit for them, whether it be romantic or platonic love. But it was that scene in the final episode that really got me. you know what I mean

    I thought Madoka/Sayaka and Madoka/Mami were cute too, but more for friendship reasons.

    tl;dr KyoSaya is the best ship in this show and my f/f otp and it's perfect and heartbreaking and yeah
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    Default Re: Madoka Magica Shipping Discussion

    Sayaka x Kyoko. It's my one and only OTP.

    Sayaka is my precious baby and anyone who does anything to hurt her deserves absolute punishment. She is my absolute favourite anime character because I relate to her so damn much, in that she did so much for people and it all got thrown back in her face and urgh, she's so adorable too!
    I agree 100% with what @Insanish Danish; has said about it. Don't think I could add any more without it turning into a Hitomi rant.

    In fact, it seems even Hanokage ships them as well, because just after Kyoko sacrifices herself so that Sayaka wouldn't be alone, this scene is added into the manga:

    Oh Sayaka, you naughty girl <3

    I also have this poster on my wall:

    In regards to Madoka x Homura...Homura did kind of get God-zoned. I don't think Madoka sees Homura in a romantic light though ("You really are my very best friend" - boom). With Kyoko and my precious Sayaka, the hints really do go both ways, in that there are hints on both sides.

    When @Aestivate; shown me the PSP game endings and in the Homura Best Ending


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