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    Hi, everyone! =] So, I always see that these two shippings are basically "arch-enemies" (in bad cases of fan differences!). Luckyshipping, RedxBlue (Girl), and Specialshipping, RedxYellow. There's a reason I didn't put "versus" in the title though! I want to get your thoughts on comparing the two shippings, and why you think it would work best for so-n-so, or best for so-n-so, and not so-n-so. XD

    I'll start by saying that I'm a Luckyshipper! I have lots to say about it, but let's start with you guys first. =] What are your views? :D

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    I'm sorry, but I must close this thread as this could very well become a debate, and we have one debate thread in place for debating on the shippings in general, and this is the only debate thread permitted on this section. To contrast the shippings simply, there is the general Pokemon Adventures Shipping thread to use to discuss LuckyShipping and SpecialShipping, in the spirit of not opposing the one against the other.
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