Lenora and Hawes a foreshadowing of Iris and Cilan???

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Thread: Lenora and Hawes a foreshadowing of Iris and Cilan???

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    Default Lenora and Hawes a foreshadowing of Iris and Cilan???

    Watching Ash challenging Lenora today with my nephew and then something caught my attention. Now this may seem a bit out of the way or crazy, but hear me out on this one; Lenora and her husband Hawes kind of remind me of a married version of an older Iris and Cilan.

    I watched all 3 Nacrene City episodes and the hints didn’t take effect until I saw how she kept calling Cilan “Connoisseur Boy.” Then it hit me that she reminded me of how Iris always calls Ash a “little kid” kind of a pet name I suppose.

    Anyway, looking at how Cilan looks at things logically while Iris is more or less a free spirit the two remind me of the Hawes and Lenora. Both females seem to be strong spirited people while the males seem more reserved yet intelligent and seem to comply with the requests of the women.

    Some examples are Cilan holding back to help train with Iris’ Axew, cheering Ash on with her even though they looked ridiculous in that face paint at the last gym haha

    I hope I'm not seeing signs that are not really there, but how about looking at those 3 episodes and tell me what you think? Anyone else get that feeling about this like I do?

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    Default Re: Lenora and Hawes a foreshadowing of Iris and Cilan???

    We already have a thread for Iris x Cilan - Wishfulshipping - Iris/Dento shipping thread

    You are more than welcome to go post your theory about this there, as I'm sure the other Wishfulshippers would be more than happy to discuss it with you!



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