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Thread: The Homestuck Shipping Wall!

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    Default The Homestuck Shipping Wall!

    For those of you who like Homestuck, here's your shipping thread!

    PLEASE respect the preferences of those in this thread, please! It's in the rules! Follow the rules, I can't stress this enough.

    As for me, I'm a pretty big Equius<3Eridan shipper. I just think it'd work well. Eridan gets someone to order around, Equius gets a highblood of his own even if he IS a seadweller.

    What do you guys ship? :>

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    Default Re: The Homestuck Shipping Wall!

    Yay, homestuck shipping thread!

    I'm personally a massive John<3Vriska shipper, Dave<3Jade shipper, and Karkat<3Terezi shipper.
    In terms of blackrom, I like Eridan<3<Rose, and Vriska<3<Terezi.
    I'll give full explanations why at a later date :P
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    In terms of Pokemon Shipping:
    Advanceshipper here!

    I've never been one for more romantic stuff. I'm more of the 'perverted guy' type of shipper. 8]

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    Default Homestuck Shippings

    Oh, looks like there's a thread for this after all. I swear it wasn't there when I looked ^^;

    For me, my favorite ships are John/Rose, Karkat/Terezi, Karkat/Gamzee (pale or otherwise), and Kanaya/Vriska. I also like Jack Noir/the Black Queen and most ships involving Feferi.
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