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Thread: Fate Stay night : Shirou's true heroin !

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkDreams View Post
    I'm comparing it to Tsukihime because 1) they were made and written by the same creators, and 2) They follow similar structures. Saber is the most canon heroine accepted widely, hell, even in Prototype I doubt Rin or Sakura even existed, making First Girl Wins. Unfortunately, Saber can't be considered the most popular, Rin is. I don't think Saber is the "canon heroine because Fate is the first route," rather it supports my view. The name FATE. FATE/STAY NIGHT. Again, Arcuied is regarded as the Canon Love interst, her true route was named TSUKIHIME.

    Rin, I believe is the heroine of the story itself, but that doesn't make her the canon chosen one with Shirou, in fact she has the least chance of it. In Tiger Dojo Taiga mentioned that HF is the "true" route because it's the last. That's a point to Sakura. Rin SHOULD be the canon love interest, seriously, but Saber is. The Anime follows Saber, and you have no proof stating that Realta Nua was made out of fan wank, it was more content for the PS2 version, and continuation of Saber's True (well, only) route. And really, Sakura's route was the typical Nasu "shock" route where you have to play all the other routes to get this gory, shaken route. Just like Kohaku, and she's definitely not the canon love interest (She has lesbian tendencies with her twin).

    And, really, Rin's definitely the most popular. Saber is definitely a close second. She's regarded as the 'main' love interest, (last episode, Carnival Phantasm). That's all to it.
    Now I know you have no clue what you are talking about. Rin the most popular? Is that a joke... The anime following Fate route also doesn't mean anything. She was never stated as the canon or main love interest. There is no heroine for Shirou, I seriously don't get what you're trying to say here. Are you sure you played the FSN VN? I'm pretty sure anyone who played it wouldn't say Saber is the main love interest. First of all Saber's ending was pretty sad compared to the other heroines that's where LE comes into play. Saber was never the main love interest in CP either she was considered on the main heroine side because she is considered the main heroine of FSN. She is the first, most popular, #1 in marketing and merchandise which is why she is considered the main heroine.

    Oh yeah and Shirou didn't exist in prototype either. It was a female protagonist with a similar personality to Rin. So are you saying Shirou is not a canon main character now?

    And please stop comparing Tsukihime to FSN. Yes they are made by the same writer, but that doesn't mean put rules apply in both. Arc was the pretty much the most important heroine in the near side route. She is pretty much the canon heroine of Tsukihime. However it is not like that in FSN. Just like I said several times all 3 of the heroines are equally canon.
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    Default Re: Fate Stay night : Shirou's true heroin !

    There are 3 main heroin in 3 different root in FSN-
    Fate : Saber
    Unlimited Blade Work : Rin
    Heaven Feel : Sakura
    Considering the ending I say that the Rin's Root is much better.
    Because In "Fate'' root, Shirou & Saber didn't end up together despite being in love and Although I feel sorry for Sakura but I still hate ''Heaven Feel'' Cause it's too Dark.
    Unlike Those Root, In ''Ultimate Blade Work'' no just Shirou & Rin end up but Saber also able to remain in this world as Rin's Servant. But the only bad thing is that lllya die's a horrible death.
    Plus I always thought that Rin help Shirou the most.
    Honestly, She seem like Shirou real patner compare to Saber.
    Let's face it, Shirou would have been dead in 3 root if wasn't for Rin !
    And I'm not only talking about Shirou's Revival in the Beginning !
    I'm glad They made a movie about it.
    Those Who support Rin should visit Youtude to watch the movie-
    Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade work.
    Am I allow to create a Link ?
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