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Thread: Bulbagarden User Shipping Thread!

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    Default Bulbagarden User Shipping Thread!

    Because apparently no one's done this yet. Ship your fellow Bulbacadets! Be sure to use canon (because we are all obviously roleplaying all the time, right, guys? :P), not cannons, if you must debate. (ArchaicxKasumi is canon! :D)

    Ship List: (Oh, and let me know if the ones I put in are named already, or the names are taken) (I go by names most people will know them by)
    DreadnaughtShipping: Archaic x Kasumi
    TheMostInterestingModShipping: HiPS x HiPS
    AndByProxyShipping: Flame Haze x Octy
    *shot*Shipping: Dermodio x Pokemoll

    I support:
    Archaic x Kasumi
    HiPS x HiPS
    Flame Haze x Octy
    Dermodio x Pokemo*shot*
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    Default Re: Bulbagarden User Shipping Thread!

    These kinds of threads aren't allowed in Shippers' Paradise, but there's a similar thread in Fun & Games: The BMGf Shipping Game
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