Ash and Dawn vs. Kenny and Dawn
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Thread: Ash and Dawn vs. Kenny and Dawn

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    Default Ash and Dawn vs. Kenny and Dawn

    Well, basically, this is a form of competition before the two pairings. It's for people that like the Ash and Dawn pairing, The Kenny and Dawn pairing, and those like me that like both.

    Well, the point is, it's up to you to decide which one you think is more likely to happen. Here's what you need to put down:

    1. The best piece of evidence

    2. Which boy flirts with Dawn more often than the other.

    3. Which boy Dawn flirts with even more than the other.

    But number 3 is more likely than not impossible if you know what I mean so unless you can think of a way about how Dawn flirts with one boy more often than the other boy, ignore it.

    Besides, uh, uh, oh crapsicles: I forgot what I was gonna say!!! Well, START DEBATING PEOPLE!!!

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    Default Re: Ash and Dawn vs. Kenny and Dawn

    Frankly, open debate threads have never gone well in the past; for that reason, it will be closed.

    As I've said many times before, comparing ships against one another is fruitless and is basically a giant pissing and popularity contest. Only comparing a ship against itself will get you anywhere.

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