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    I kind of like this, probaly third favorite Dawn ship.
    Ash fan. Multi Ash shipper =]

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    Wow, so there's a thread for this, huh? I've liked Appealshipping since the beginning and am happy to have found a couple other people who feel the same way.

    I need to go check out the author that was mentioned.

    To answer the question, no, Appealshipping has not effected my morals. Probably because I'm twenty-two so a little girl-on-girl is nothing compared to the stuff I've seen. Lol.

    Does anyone else think that Dawn and Zoey could have totally traveled together as besties if it hadn't been for her joining up with Ash beforehand?

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    Made a gifset for you guys.

    (Hope I'm not necrobumping this too much?) I've never been a big shipper, but as I've been rewatching DP, these two complement each other quite nicely. It's sweet how Zoey supported Dawn from the start and develops their rivalship past just wanting to beat Dawn.

    let's go on an adventure, friend!

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