anyone here support Jimmy/Lyra
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Thread: anyone here support Jimmy/Lyra

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    Default anyone here support Jimmy/Lyra

    Well i do, so i want to make a board dedicated to them.

    too bad there's like no fan videos or fan art for this ship.

    i hope i'm not the only neoquestshipper here.

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    Default Re: anyone here support Jimmy/Lyra

    Who's Jimmy? You don't mean Ethan, do you?
    You Might Be A Redneck If...

    You think The Nutcracker is something you did off the high dive.
    You've ever smuggled food out of an all-you-can-eat buffet.
    The original color of your carpet is an unsolved mystery.
    You've had more court dates than second dates.
    The closest you've come to royalty is eating at Burger King.
    You've ever stared at a carton of orange juice because it said "concentrate."
    You think a quarterhorse is that ride in front of K-Mart.

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    Default Re: anyone here support Jimmy/Lyra

    Jimmy is his anime counterpart. Jimmy, also known as Kenta.

    I support them together. It's better then Lyra with Ash or the green haired guy I've never been a fan of Questshipping, and even ignoring that I find it a cute pairing. I'm a fan of HeartSoulshipping so one day I put two and two together and..

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    Default Re: anyone here support Jimmy/Lyra

    yup, jimmy is ethan's anime counter part.

    same here, i'm not really a questshipping fan or a marina fan in general.

    I don't really find Marina that compatible for Jimmy. Lyra's much more compatible for him.

    I'm glad i'm not the only neoquestshipper here. Also think about htis ship is making me like them more.


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