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Thread: AlmostStraightShipping (Gary X "Ashley")

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    Default AlmostStraightShipping (Gary X "Ashley")

    This thread is for discussion revolving around what is admittedly a rather unusual ship, yet one I find quite fascinating: AlmostStraightShipping. This involves pairing together Gary and Ashley (aka while he's crossdressing in the same get-up he used to infiltrate the Celadon Gym). Consequently, this ship often seems to be considered of a sort of niche of PalletShipping rather than a ship of its own. Considering how it's Ash crossdressing and not necessarily genderswapped (at least to my understanding), I guess there is technically overlap.

    Personally, I'm not crazy about either ship. So why, you may ask, might I create an entire thread for it? The answer is quite simple: the concept intrigues me. Like or dislike has nothing to do with it. I just find the idea interesting. Especially after finding this:

    This piece of fan fiction right here is proof that the concept of this ship has potential. But while there appears to be a fair amount of fan art of this ship on places such as deviantART and pixiv, there doesn't appear to be that much Ashley X Gary fan fiction, well-written or otherwise. The one above is one of the few I've been able to find at all. Quite a shame really, because as I've said multiple times, like, love, or despise this ship, I think there's some great potential for high-quality stories to be written about this. This is even further fueled by a prompt I stumbled upon on tumblr a while back.

    Hiding in the Substrate - Palletship/Courting/Crossdresser!Ash Fic Prompt

    I have since been completely convinced that if the right fan fiction author, one with both a love for the Pokemon series as a whole and a talent for writing, were to come along and tackle this prompt, it would become nothing short of a masterpiece. Maybe that's just my opinion, but somehow I doubt I'm alone in this feeling.

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    Default Re: AlmostStraightShipping (Gary X "Ashley")

    It's a really cute idea! If I still shipped within the Pokemon fandom, I would absolutely ship this!
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