You are sitting in a circle with many Trainers.
If female:The circle has guys in it, most notably Eusine, Morty, Cilan, Cress, Ash, Lance and Chili.
If male:The circle has ladies in it, most notably Sabrina, Misty, Whitney, Clair, Karen, Shauntal and Caitlin.
The following rps are my examples of each circle, with Morty holding the guys' Number 7 and Sabrina holding the same number for the ladies.
Example 1:You draw the first number...Continued as rp...Male circle with female member first...Morty is the guy who holds the number 7 for the guys.
Chili:Number 7! Who got number 7?!
You:Gosh, Chili, you're such a loudmoth!
Cilan, Cress, Eusine, Ash, Lance+Morty*lol*
You go into the closet blindfolded and a man walks in.
Morty:Why are you blindfolded? let's take this off, huh?
You look and see the devilishly handsome Morty before you.
You:Hi there, Morty!
Morty:'Sup, you?
You:Not much.
You two kiss, seven minutes pass, and Chili opens the door.
Chili: Okay, lovebirds time's up....Yeeeow, did I open the door too fast?
You and Morty go outside and stargaze for the entire night.
Example2:Now female circle with male member....Let's say Sabrina has the number 7 for the ladies!
Clair:Number 7! Who got number 7?!
You:God, Clair, you're SO LOUD!
Misty, Sabrina, Karen, Shauntal+Cailtin*rofl*
You go into the closet blindfolded, a lady walks in.
Sabrina:I sense there is somebody here...Could it be you? It is...Why are you blindfolded? Let's take this off.
You see the lovely Psychic Sabrina before you.
Sabrina:Well, hello.
You and Sabrina kiss and touch for 7 minutes, then Clair opens the door.
Clair:Time's up.
You and Sabrina go outside for the night, chatting while watching the stars twinkle.