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Thread: The Pokemon Match Up.

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    Default The Pokemon Match Up.

    Basically, this is a game where you match up two Pokemon, any two, for example, Eevee and Vulpix. You can also give a reason. The next person, rates the pairings. For example.

    Person 1: Eevee X Vulpix because they are cute together.
    Person 2: 10/10 because I agree. Zorua and Eevee as I love those two.
    Person 3: 5/10 because I don't know Zorua very well. Vulpix and Ghastly as It would be a strange romantic relationship.
    Person 4: 0/10 because they don't go together. Cubone and Larvitar because I like the two Pokemon.

    Etc. So then, shall I begin?

    Shinx and Pichu.
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    I have claimed Houndour! Just look how cute he is!

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