RULES: Fun & Games Rules, Guidelines, and Suggestions [updated 13/3/14]

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Thread: Fun & Games Rules, Guidelines, and Suggestions [updated 13/3/14]

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    Default Fun & Games Rules, Guidelines, and Suggestions [updated 13/3/14]

    Welcome to the Fun & Games Section!

    Also known as F&G for short. This is a more relaxed section of BMGf, though you'll still be able to take on a warmhearted challenge here and there. Come in and have some fun!

    Bear in mind that post counts do not count in this section and all general forum rules of Bulbagarden apply here.

    Rules and Guidelines

    1/ Have You Read the Rules? Please Check Them Out
    Chances are, every game you play has its own set of rules in the first post. Abide by those and everyone will enjoy playing in the thread. Essentially this is the stay on topic rule.

    2/ Ridicule and Underhanded Flaming
    Disguising aggression in games is a no-go. We will catch you if you try to insult someone through the standard course of play.

    Always remember that we're here to relax and take it easy. ;3 Sure, we can have a little conversation on the side in some games, but no one wants to participate in a game where one person rains on everyone's parade. Please, please spare any personal or emotional problems for your blogs. This includes any personal disputes or issues you have with users off this site and per our forum policy, you will be infracted for this.

    3/ Limited Ping Ponging
    Put simply, this is merely an exchange of consecutive posts between two posters that go on for some time. The limit is that two players shouldn't be going back and forth for more than a standard page (15 posts).
    We won't mind it so long as you're playing to the rules of the thread, but keep the dialogue open so others can hop in at any time.

    4/ Bumping is A-OK for two instances
    -You are legitimately running a game
    -You're adding a post that can keep the thread going for others.

    If you'd like to find an older game to participate in, please use our Games Directory. New games pop up all the time, so if you can't find it on there, feel free to find it or make it yourself. Please let us know in that thread when you do so we can add it to the index. Thanks!

    If you don't contribute anything constructive to an older game, your post may be labeled pointless and disciplined as such. Also, if it is clear that the game cannot continue because it lacks a proper host or nothing more can be done with the game, resurrecting such games will count as a pointless post.

    5/ Do not double post
    Do not double post.
    ... well unless the game requires it, and no, the chat threads do not require this. (Post caused by the forum glitching up will not be held against you.)

    6/ ...7, 8, Counting Games!
    They are allowed, though only three may be running at the same time. Please check the list in the following post to see what counting games, if any, are currently running before posting a new one. These games will be closed if they are inactive for two weeks.

    From the original counting games thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by About Counting Games
    All counting games must have at least one aspect that differs from simply counting.
    All counting games must have a reasonable limit; a number that once reached, the game ends. Also, counting games need a certain method to post other than just "1", "2", "3". It can be anything, such as a posting restriction (example: posting a statement related to the number) or having an action that forces the count to set to zero, or a combination of both.
    A counting game that counts to infinity or consists solely of counting "1, 2, 3, ..." will be regarded as pointless, and will be closed.
    7/ We're here when you need us
    If you also feel the need to talk, the mods aren't shy to talk to you guys, drop on in if you ever feel a need.
    @Kakuna Matata; @Bouffalant Herdier; @Caprizant; @Enzap; @Night Sky;

    Now that those are out of the way, feel free to post suggestions or ask questions pertaining to this section in this thread. Bounce ideas for new games off of others, ask what types of forum games others enjoy (eg. the one above games, story games, etc.).
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    Default Re: Fun & Games Rules, Guidelines, and Suggestions [updated 13 March 2014]


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