Attention all Card-loving fans of Bulbagarden, here we convene to play the many card games that the universe has to offer! The rules are simple:

Due to the secretive nature of card games the Dealer will be unable to participate. He will deal in a PM: i.e. tell the player what cards they have in their hand. Due to this he knows what cards everyone has, so it would be unfair for him to play.

NO CHEATING (except for in cheat)

Competitiveness is fine, but make sure it doesn't go too far.

If you want to host a game, make sure you know the rules. Post on this thread if you want to host a game and you'll be added to the waiting list.

Once you have completed your turn mention (i.e. @AlphaMouse;) the next player who has a turn)

If you win a game you will get a certain number of Reputation Points, depending on the game and number of players. You may also lose Reputation Points if you score badly. For instance, 5 people are playing Blackjack. The player who wins gets 2RP, the person who comes second gets 1RP, the person who comes 3rd gets 0RP, whoever comes 4th gets -1RP and the loser gets -2RP. The winners will also get prize 'money' which they can use in gambling games.

RP Table:

Money Table:

Waiting list (for game hosters)

So, the game that I'm going to open up the Card Den is cheat!

The game is simple. All the cards in the deck are dealt out equally to each player. The person to the left of the dealer (in this case the first person to sign-up) will start, putting down one or more cards face down on the table. The next player (the one second to sign-up) has to put down a card (or more) that is either one below, one above or the same number as the card that the first player puts down. The card order is cyclical, so if a player puts down either a two or a King, the next player can put down an Ace. If the next player cannot put down a card which matches this pattern they have to cheat, and claim that they are putting down a card that matches the pattern.

Example Round:

The aim of the game is to empty your hand.

I'll start the game in 3 days, or when we have 8 players.