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    Default Apples To Apples: Pokéstyle!

    Since this was origanally my idea @Hexomancer !!

    How to Play

    Basically, I'll PM you six Pokemon and each round an adjective is posted. You post one Pokemon (Usually) in the thread trying to match the adjective best (Most of the time). Between 36 and 48 hours after the post signaling the start of the round, the round will be ended and the host will choose a winner and four runner-ups. Your starter Pokemon and the Pokemon you get after each round is decided by a 3rd-party, Random Number Generator.

    If you win a round you will have your winning Pokemon recorded in the Hall of Winners and be placed on the front of the banner. If you win I will give you a simple choice, host the next round or play and allow me to host, however, it is preferred that you host. Either way, the winner sends me an adjective that will be used for the next round. If you're one of the four runner-ups, your Pokemon will also have a place on the banner.

    Every few rounds I'll do a special round or random event (Explained a bit later). If you win a special round you will get recorded in both the Hall of Winners and the Hall of Special. One kind of special round is the tournament round, but that will also be explained later. After each round i will send you a PM with a replacement Pokemon for the one you posted. If you ever lose your list or something, I'll be keeping track of everyone's Pokemon so feel free to ask for the list.

    Special Rounds I'll bring in a special round every now and then to shake things up and winning one gets you registered as both a Winner and a Special Winner.

    Lightning Round: The time limit for these rounds is cut down from 36-48 hours to 4-6 hours. They will only be brought out on weekends, but they will be brutal and no late answers will be accepted.

    Double Down Round: You post two of the Pokemon you have instead of just one. You must have the best two to win. So, for example, say the adjective is Dirty. One person may use Garbodor and Arbok while another uses Gulpin and Koffing. Despite the fact Garbodor is made of trash, the second person is most likely to win as both of his Pokemon could be counted as dirty while Arbok isn't.

    Vote Round: Here, instead of me or the previous round's winner choosing the winner, after time runs out, the judge will choose five Pokemon. Then, players that submitted Pokemon for that round will vote ONCE on which of the five Pokemon they think matches the adjective the best. In these rounds you cannot vote for yourself, although that kind of goes without saying. Voting will last for 24 hours. In the case of a tie, we'll just go with whoever the winner of the previous round voted for.

    Switcheroo Round: This round is basically an opposite round, where you'll want your Pokemon to be as far away from the subject adjective given.

    Easter Egg round: These are just small random rounds that take place for a few hours while another is going on. During these I'll just post an adjective and if you want to enter just post any Pokemon. And I do mean any, you don't have to use Pokemon from your list and if you do then it won't count as the one from your list and you can use it later. Winning these just nets you a place in the Hall of Winners.

    Double Adjective Round: Rather simple. I give two adjectives and you submit two Pokemon, one to fit each adjective. The person that gets the best match for both wins.

    Winner Tournaments: If I notice there is a good amount of winners than I'll organize a tournament. Only winners of previous rounds can participate and will be split into blocks. I'll announce the blocks at the beginning of each round and will run them one at a time. After everyone in a block posts their Pokemon, a winner will be chosen and they will move on to the next round. The winner of each tournament will be added into the Hall of Masters.

    Super Special Rounds: Can be a combination of any of the above special rounds.

    Tallyers: Me!

    I can't really keep track of everyone's entrants, at least not if I get really busy or we get a spike in people or something, so I'll get one or two assistants that simply post a list every now and then of the current Pokemon entered in a round and who entered them. Is you want this position, simply ask. Anyone can be a tallyer, but I'd prefer if you were a player. I will accept more later on if we get more people. Although it is not required, you can make funny titles for your tallys to keep things interesting.

    Now then, to sign up all you have to do is post in the thread and ask and I'll send you the PM with your Pokemon. Signups are ALWAYS open, so feel free to join in anytime you want. Warning: If you don't participate for five rounds in row, you WILL be removed from the plist. Your Pokemon WILL be discarded and if you wish to play again, please make post in the thread saying you wish to play again and you'll be sent 6 new Pokemon. I will notify you if you are in danger of being cut from the roster 2 rounds before you reach the five round mark. However, if you alert me about a possible period of absence, I can hold your place for whatever time period you specify. You will only get the warning PMs twice, if you do not participate for five more rounds, you will be automatically dropped from the list, no questions asked.

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    Default Re: Apples To Apples: Pokéstyle!

    Bumpety bump. Anyone? I need people fast!


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