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Thread: What are your rarest cards?

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    Р И Й К's rarest cards: (mostly holographic, or reverse-holographic.)

    Japanese Lugia holo Neo Genesis
    Base Set 1st Edition Charizard holo.
    Japanese Base Set Blastoise holo.
    Japanese Base Set Ninetales holo.
    English Base Set Nidoking holo.
    Japanese Base Set Mewtwo holo.
    Spanish Base Set Alakazam holo.
    ENGLISH Base Set Mewtwo holo.
    Dark Charizard holo 1st Edition.
    1st Movie Dragonite.
    Jungle Snorlax holo
    Fossil Ditto holo
    Japanese Jungle Vileplume holo
    Base 2 Poliwrath holo
    Japanese Jungle Pinsir holo
    Fossil Kabutops holo
    Birthday Pikachu Japanese
    Fossil Hypno holo
    Japanese Skarmory from Neo Genesis holo
    1st Edition Raikou Neo Revelation holo
    Fireworks holo Seel
    Neo Genesis Heracross holo
    Base Set Wigglytuff holo
    Fossil Lapras holo
    1st Edition Light Dragonite holo Neo Destiny
    Steelix holo Neo Genesis
    Neo Genesis Meganium holo
    e-Reader Kingdra holo
    Mew EX Crystal Guardians holo
    Dugtrio EX Crystal Guardians holo
    Fireworks Electabuzz holo
    Jungle Kangaskan holo
    Fossil Gengar holo
    EX Legend Maker Aggron Ultra-Rare holo
    Heatran lv X holo
    Delcatty World Championships
    Neo Revelation Crobat holo
    Reverse holo fire and grass energys
    DP Base Set Alakazam holo
    Ambipom DP Base Set holo
    EX Power Keepers Altaria holo
    EX Crystal Guardians Wigglytuff holo
    EX Legend Maker Jolteon holo
    DP Base Set Dusknoir holo
    EX Holon Phantoms Delta Species latios holo
    Team Aqua's Walrein reverse holo
    DP Mysterious Treasures Feraligatr holo
    EX Crystal Guardians Flareon holo
    ES Crystal Guardians Vaporeon holo
    1st Movie Mewtwo
    e-Reader Alakazam reverse holo
    Ancient Mew
    Probopass G holo
    DP Base Set Lucario
    EX Power Keepers Dusclops holo
    Luxray GL Reverse holo
    EX Dragon Frontiers Gardevoir holo
    DP Base Set Magmortar holo
    Gliscor EF holo
    Steelix GL holo
    Hippowdon EF reverse holo
    FRLG Clefable EX
    FRLG Ultra-Rare Scyther holo
    DP Mysterious Treasures Rampardos holo
    Infernape EF
    Yanmega EF holo
    Ambipom G
    Delta Species Dragonair holo
    Aerodactyl GL
    Floatzel GL Lv X
    Flygon World Championships 2007
    E-Reader Gyarydos
    Delta Species Rayquaza holo
    Crobat G
    Absol EX World Championships 2007
    Pokemon Rocks America Lugia Promo card
    Metagross holo (don't know what set)
    EX Delta Species Tyranitar holo
    Fossil Articuno holo
    Ex Power Keepers Glalie holo
    EX Crystal Guardians Ludicolo Delta Species holo
    Zapdos G holo
    DP Base Set Electivire
    Light Ninetales Neo Destiny
    Light Sunflora Neo Destiny
    Light Dewgong Neo Destiny
    HGSS Promo Pikachu holo
    DP StormFront Heatran holo
    Promo Mewtwo (I don't know what set, but it's old.)
    Surfing Pikachu

    My Gym or 'owner' Cards (note these are all holo):

    Brock's Rhydon
    Brock's Golem Japanese 1st Edition

    Misty's Golduck
    Misty's Tentacruel
    Misty's Starmie

    Lt. Surge's Raichu 1st Edition
    Lt. Surge's Magneton
    Lt. Surge's Jolteon
    Lt. Surge's Electabuzz

    Erika's Venusaur
    Erika's Clefable

    Koga's Beedrill

    Sabrina's Alakazam

    Blaine's Moltres 1st Edition
    Blaine's Ninetales Japanese

    Giovanni's Gyarados

    My updated list of Rocket and Dark Cards (If they are holo, there will be an H at the end of their name):

    Dark Gyarados Pre-release H
    Dark Dragonite H
    Dark Weezing H
    Dark Machamp H
    Dark Magneton H
    Dark Hypno H
    Dark Typhlosion H
    Dark Charizard 1st Edition H
    Dark Croconaw
    Dark Ursaring
    Dark Machoke 1st Edition
    Dark Arbok
    Dark Electrode
    Dark Kadabra
    Dark Dragonair Japanese
    Dark Pupitar
    Dark Alakazam
    Dark Ariados
    Dark Wigglytuff
    Dark Persian
    Dark Vileplume
    Dark Golduck 1st Edition
    Dark Jolteon
    Dark Flareon
    Dark Vaporeon
    Dark Raticate

    TR Returns Dark Tyranitar H

    Rocket's Zapdos H
    Rocket's Mewtwo H
    Rocket's Scyther H
    Rocket's Snorlax

    My Rare Trainer Cards:

    Here comes Team Rocket! H (TR Set)
    The Rocket's Trap H (Gym Heroes Set)
    Brock H (Gym Heroes Set)
    Koga (Gym Challenge Set)
    Brock (Gym Challenge Set)
    Sabrina (Gym Challenge Set)
    Charity (Gym Heroes Set)
    Misty (Gym Heroes Set)
    Resistance Gym (Gym Challenge Set)
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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    The first ones I can think of:
    1. Shining Charizard
    2. Ancient Mew
    3. Tyranitar ex
    4. Shining Metagross
    5. Pichu Bros. :D

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    i can not tell

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    i think it is a fire tipe

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    Ancient mew from Movie one. Oh, and Blazaken EX. Both of them! But here's my favorite of the two-

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    Palkia G, got it in my first pack.

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    I sold all of my cards except for mai charizard :)
    I don't always resist, but when I do, it's with The Resistance. Stay resistant, my friends.
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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    I dont own mujch of the cards so probably my ancient Mew card.

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    feraligatr holo
    latas holo
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    ID:YUSOBOY WHITE FC:1678 5664 7965

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    Charizard G lvl X
    Super Rare Meganium Holo

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    These are probably my rarest cards. And all of them are English, by the way.

    Birthday Pikachu
    E3 Pikachu (yellow cheeks)
    Crystal Kingdra (Aquapolis set)
    Jumbo Espeon (don't know the origin of this card)

    Shining Kabutops
    Shining Raichu
    Shining Mewtwo
    Shining Noctowl
    Shining Tyranitar (all of these are shining cards from Neo Destiny)

    Ho-oh holo (stamped with the Unseen Forces logo)

    Salamence (EX Dragon, stamped Winner)

    Mew EX Legend Maker
    Mew EX Holon Phantoms
    Entei star
    Raikou star

    I have some other rare ones as well, but I can't remember them off the top of my head. XP

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    Ancient Mew,two Lugia ex(200 of power!!its over 80!),13th Arceus, Dialga lv X, Dahlia's Blaziken lv X, Lugia, Kabutops and Kingdra crystal and Typhlosion prime.

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    I gotta say my original Charizard, because honestly I don't know how rare my newer cards are. ^^'

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    Post Re: What are your rarest cards?

    I'd have to say... My level X Empoleon. Oh, and in my deck of cards from Chinatown:

    - Vaporeo, who knows the Poke-PoWER Undevelp
    - My SP Farren, who is an Elite Four's Pokemon, that knows Fire Tail Slap
    - My Mismagius, who mysteriously has a picture of Cranidos on his card...
    - My Banette, who evolves from Growliithle
    - HipPWNdoN, who knows Groundquake
    - The Growlithe who knows Take Doen
    - Hippopotas, who's discription is: "It shuts its nostrils then travels then travels through sand as if walking. They from colonies of around ten."
    "Nothing is ever certain."

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    Giratina ( origin ) lv. X Shaymin ( Land ) lv. x, first movie pikachu, and Ancient Mew. ( I thought there were only like, 12 in the world, I was WAYYYY off, lol. )

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