What are your rarest cards?
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Thread: What are your rarest cards?

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    Default What are your rarest cards?

    Compile a list of all your RAREST cards, from the first base set to the most recent.

    Some of mine are my Charizards:
    1st base holo
    champion non holo
    dark charizard, non holo
    dark charizard, holo
    japanese charizard, holo (not sure which set it comes from)
    shining charizard, holo, neo destiny
    delta charizard, holo
    charizard X, holo

    1st base holo
    dark gyarados, non holo
    shining gyarados
    misty's gyarados, gym challenge, holo
    giovanni's gyarados, gym challenge, holo
    japanese giovanni's gyarados, gym challenge, holo
    platinum, both holo and non holo

    I may post pictures of these and more if others respond. :D

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    Too many for me to remember.
    Infernape LV. X (D/P base set)
    Luxray GL LV. X (Rising Rivals)

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    Oui... I don't collect cards anymore, but I only got about a little over 100 in a binder. The rarest ones I got are some of the Legendaries:

    - Latias from the Pokemon Heroes movie (my brother got Latios)
    - Aqua's Kyogre
    - Suicune
    - Jirachi from the Wishmaker movie
    - a foil (this the same as holo?) Groudon

    My other foils/holo are a Dark Arbok, Vulpix, Numel, Linoone, and an Aqua Walrien.

    I don't collect the cards anymore though... I don't have enough room for 'em, and I'm more into the games and some of the anime.
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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    You reminded me of my Blaziken ex.. (T.T) My friend lost it.. It hurts so much being my first ex and "rarest" to me..

    Followed by Shaymin(Sky) lvl X and Palkia G Lvl X which I considered as my second rarest card.. :)

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    -First movie Pikachu signed by Ikue Ohtani
    -Second movie Ancient Mew with program book
    -CoroCoro promo Shining Mew
    -Rocket's Tyranitar
    -Tropical Wind (a few versions)
    -Staff card for I think Nationals (might be States)

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    I haven't collected pokemon cards for a looooong time, maybe 6 years...

    But I've still got a ton, here's a list of some.

    But because its been so long, I've got no clue whats still rare and what isn't, so I'll just list what rarities I have right in front of me, sans cards like, a non holo version of a holo.

    Base 1:
    Seel First edition
    Red Cheeks Pikachu
    French Electabuzz
    French Dugtrio

    Base 2:
    Ninetails Holo
    Venusaur Holo
    Clefairy Holo
    Poliwrath Holo
    Mewtwo Holo

    Japanese Scyther
    First edition Misprinted Electrode
    Sealed Jungle Deck (the cards are sealed, not the box.)

    Fossil: Holo Zapdos X2
    Japanese Mew
    First edition Ditto non holo
    Muk Holo
    Hypno holo
    Magneton Holo
    Moltres Holo

    Brock's Rhydon Holo
    LT.Surges Fearow x2
    Koga's beedrill x2 (one is Japanese)
    Japanese Tokiwa City Gym
    LT.Surges Raichu
    Erika's VilePlume holo
    Misty's Tentacruel holo
    Misty's Seadra holo
    Misty's Golduck holo
    Sabrina's Alakazam holo
    LT.Surges Electabuzz
    Blaine Holo
    Blaines Arcanine

    Dark Blastoise
    Dark Hypno
    Dark VilePlume
    Dark Machamp

    Japanese Togetic
    Japanese Lugia
    Japanese Slowking
    Neo Series 9 card set of the first 9 Johto pokemon
    Multi energy Retrieval?
    Darkness Energy
    Recycle Energy
    Focus Band

    Neo 2:
    Japanese Unown A
    Neo 2 Series Card set of 9
    (Unowns N, E, and O.
    Espeon, Eevee, and Umbreon.
    And Pichu, Entei(basically the same as the promo listed below) and Charizard.)

    Neo 3: Kingdra(japanese)
    Neo 3 Card set of 9
    (Sudowoodo, Celebi, Sneasel, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, Ho-oh, Lugia, and Steelix)
    Murkrow(white common, I imagine its just Common since the entire card is black)
    Houndoom holo

    Neo 4:Japanese Tyranitar
    Thought Wave Machine
    Light Azumaril
    Dark Typhlosion

    Promo: Tropical Japanese Wartortle
    Entei from movie 3's premier
    Promo Marill x2
    Kids WB Dragonite x3(from the premier of The first pokemon movie)
    Pikachu Kids WB promo (also from the first movie premier)
    Promo Unown J
    Promo Articuno
    Promo Zapdos
    Prerelease Dark Gyarados (prerelease for the Rocket set)
    Promo Pikachu (leaves in background)
    Promo Mewtwo (from first pokemon movie)
    Promo Computer Error
    Tropical Mew Outer Holo
    first release promo Mew
    Vending promo Mew (used to call it a "glossy Mew" donno if it still applies)
    Ancient Mew (supposed to look Egyptian, from the premier of the second pokemon Movie)
    Wizards of the Coast Brocks Vulpix
    Vending Poliwhirl (Japanese)
    Mew Card ad(the date on the card says January 8th 2000)
    Promo Pikachu no.4 (again from the first movie's premier)
    I think I've got a giant Articuno Zapdos Multres Promo Jumbo card somewhere too...
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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    The cards given away when the first movie aired in America at the cinemas.

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    Oh, man. I just can't resist. :P
    3x Luxray GL Lv.X
    1x Japanese Typhlosion Victory Medal
    1x Flygon Lv.X
    3x Blaziken FB Lv.X
    3x Gengar Lv.X
    2x Uxie Lv.X
    3x Dialga G Lv.X
    1x Cresselia Lv.X
    2x Palkia G Lv.X
    1x Gliscor Lv.X
    1x Garchomp Lv.X
    1x Garchomp C Lv.X
    1x Heatran Lv.X
    1x Rayquaza C Lv.X
    1x 1st Edition Base Set Zapdos
    Dozens of other 1st ed. holos, mostly from Neo sets
    Lots more...

    So yeah... AND HEY! OP! Wanna trade me those 1st Ed. Base Set cards? :]

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    Secret Cards:
    -Dark Raichu (Rocket 83/82)
    -Kingdra (Aquapolis 148/147)
    -Lugia (Aquapolis 149/147)
    -Azumarill (EX Delta Species 114/113)
    -Fan, Frost, Heat, Mow and Wash Rotom (Rising Rivals RT1 through RT5)
    -Darkness, Grass, Fire, Water, Colorless, Lightning, Psychic, Fighting and Metal Arceus (Arceus AR1 through AR9)

    WOTC Promos:
    -3/5 (Mewtwo/Dragonite, first movie promos)
    -6 (Arcanine, Pokemon League promo)
    -8/9 (Mew, Pokemon League promo)
    -10 (Meowth, TCG GB promo)
    -14 (Mewtwo, first movie VHS)
    -16 (Computer Error, Pokemon League promo)
    -21/22/23 (Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres, second movie promos)
    -27 (Pikachu, second movie VHS)
    -29/32 (Marill/Smeargle, Pokemon League promos)
    -34 (Entei, third movie promo)
    -38 (Unown J, third movie VHS)
    -39 (Misdreavus, Pokemon League promo)
    -Ancient Mew (multiple)
    -E3 Base Set Pikachu
    -Pre-release Dark Gyarados

    Nintendo Promos:
    -18 (Mudkip)
    -19 (Whismur)
    -33 (Zapdos ex)
    -40 (Mew)
    -Latias/Latios (EX Trainer Kit)

    DP Black Star Promos:
    -1 (Turtwig)
    -4 (Pachirisu)
    -7/8 (Cranidos/Shieldon)
    -10/11 (Infernape/Empoleon LV. X)
    -12 (Lucario LV. X)
    -17/18/19 (Dialga/Palkia/Darkrai LV. X)
    -20 (Magmortar)
    -29 (Rhyperior LV. X)
    -32/33 (Magnezone/Dusknoir)

    ex Pokemon (non-promo):
    -Chansey (EX Ruby and Sapphire)
    -Typhlosion (EX Sandstorm)
    -Muk (EX Dragon)
    -Sharpedo (EX Deoxys)
    -Banette (EX Legend Maker)
    -Jirachi (EX Crystal Guardians)
    -Flygon delta (EX Dragon Frontiers)
    -Latias delta (EX Dragon Frontiers)

    LV. X Pokemon (non-promo):
    -Electivire (Mysterious Treasures)
    -Mewtwo (Legends Awakened)
    -Rhyperior (Legends Awakened)
    -Raichu (Stormfront)

    Japanese-only Cards:
    -Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Dewgong and Jynx from the Vending Machine set
    -The Video Introduction set, including the Venusaur/Blastoise Best CD promos
    -Whitney's Wigglytuff, Jasmine's Ampharos, Pryce's Dewgong, Clair's Jynx and Will's Jynx from Pokemon VS
    -___'s Chansey from Gym 2
    -Jynx Corocoro promo
    -Jynx "How I Became a Pokemon Artist" promo
    -Hungry Snorlax promo

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    Great Encounters - Claydol

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    I have a first edition, holofoil, base set... Machamp.

    Yeah, I'm pretty much out of the loop, but I don't think any of my cards are particularly rare. I have most of the first movie promos and an Ancient Mew, but nothing stellar. My base set Charizard is in the worst condition imaginable.

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    None of these are particularly rare cards, and I have more than one copy of a few.

    Groudon EX (Black Star 38)
    Rayquaza EX (Black Star 39)
    Pikachu Delta (Black Star 35)
    Suicune (POP2)
    Swampert (POP1)
    Armaldo EX (POP1)
    Gallade (Secret Wonders) <-- I have this weird feeling that this one may be fake... something's off with the holographics. But it came out of a real booster pack (bought it at TRU), and it was the only rare card in it, nothing else wrong with the card, so maybe it was one of those rare glitches on the press. Maybe not.
    Gardevoir (various series)
    Blaziken (forget which series; can't find it)

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    I only started collecting again (from scratch) last month, so at the moment it's a Gengar Lv. X (Arceus) and a Honchkrow Lv. X (Secret Wonders).
    Nov 28th come faster.

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    dark charizard, non holo
    dark charizard, holo
    Alot of Kanto gym leader cards to many to list.

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    Default Re: What are your rarest cards?

    My rarest off the top of my head would have to be the original Birthday Pikachu, the full Southern Islands set, and the Olympics International Pikachu binder set.

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