This is a thread to about you're best wins, your records, friends you've made, crazy things that have happened, or anything else related to Pokemon TCG tournaments.

I am actually a relative new player in the world of the competetive TCG, though my understanding of the game and how it works has grown exponentially in the last year and a half.

I have been to 3 city tourneys (2 this season Brighton and Okemos MI, 1 last season Sterling Heights MI), and 2 prereleases (EP Brighton and ND Okemos).
My overall record in cities is a pitiful 5-12, but in prereleases i'm 5-1... if only prereleases had prizes...

My 1st cities: 2-4 with a Machamp SF and SP combination deck, which was actually worse than it's record
2nd: 2-4 Reshiboar (HGSS-on)
3rd: 1-4 Six Corners

EP prerelease: my deck was highlighted by Thudurus FA, which could search out the 3 electric in the deck and hit hard, 2-1
ND prerelease: I remember this one better, I had ZekromEX FA (which only wound up actually attacking in one of the three games), Articuno, Musharna (the most useful card in the deck :D), and Hippowdon. 3-0

My most painful loss would've had to have been using my reshiboar deck. My Emboar was catchered up to active position with no energy on it. I needed to get four fire energy in my hand to attach to emboar to attack for the win. I don't remember exactly, but I know I never had 4, after using combination of Ninetales, Shuckle, Energy Retrieval, possibly engineer's. However this went down, when I finally ran out of energy in my hand, Shuckle had 10 fire energy attached to it. At which point I played Super Scoop Up. And flipped tails. I then had to proceed with the game with almost every energy in my deck attached to Shuckle causing me to lose.

I was hoping to be able to attend MI states on Saturday, but unfortunately I have final exams during it :'(.

So there's a bit about me and my tournament expierences, what about all you guys?