Tons of cards, mostly older series
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Thread: Tons of cards, mostly older series

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    Default Tons of cards, mostly older series

    I don't know where else to put this thread if its wrong please correct me.

    Anyway, I have a ton of cards I've collected since... um... well the pokemon cards first came out. Keep in mind that after Neo Destiny (I think it was called) I sort of lost track of what is what. I haven't traded or battled since I was.. 16 maybe? Not sure simply because I live in rural Iowa where there isn't really anyone to play with. So alas these cards have been stored away. I am willing to trade with anyone (maybe sell? I don't want to break any rules though), though I have no idea what is good in the newer series of cards, but I have up for offer some cards I have.

    I've used to figure out which card goes to what series.

    They are all 'rare' cards in no real order, their conditions are fair to mint (I won't post a card that is ruined) they are just listed here as I find them.

    THIS LIST IS WIP Not all cards are listed yet but my neck is killing me.

    To be honest I don't know what I want (maybe sell them, if thats allowed?), I just want to give a chance to those people who may enjoy these cards more then me.
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    Default Re: Tons of cards, mostly older series

    Interested in these:
    Base Set Blastoise
    Aerodactyl ex
    Shining Kabutops
    1st Edition Dark Ursaring (Is this holo?)
    Unopened JPN Neo 2 Charizard
    Unopened JPN Neo 2 Pichu
    1st Edition Tyranitar

    Kindly drop me a price or list some wants. Thanks!


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