So! I was starting to play the game that was so big in my childhood and I was astonished at how well it plays. Me and my girlfriend have been bringing our decks with us to our friends house and play quick half-deck games while we wait for the pen and paper game to start up or the popcorn to finish popping before the movie. Each and every time, their eyes light up with nostalgia. More than half have rushed off to some forgotten closet in their house and come back with a Base Set or maybe a Gym Leader deck. Speaking of the Sabrina Deck, my friend brought it out and a pristine Alakazam Flip Coin plunked on the table.... I had wanted to start collecting the Flip Coins (Despite the Derpiness of WotC coins). Of course my friend tends to be a hoarder XD No getting rid of cards he hasn't played with in over 5 years!

This collecting urge has sprung further into the Tins and the Japanese TCG Set. I'm planning to start small on B/W and move forward from there. Easier to catch up if you start at the end? We will see... Also, I have a feeling that the BW Video Game will have spurred a new interest in the series, injecting much needed life into the series and producing a greater demand in time for the collectible cards from the TCG, not that I'm out to speculate. The cards, they are too shiny for their own good. I watched someone unbox 6 Dragon Blast/Dragon Blade Booster Boxes and seeing the Full Arts made me very happy.

I'll be starting up my own League (Lavender League) in my local area. I've taken the Professor Exam and will probably start down the road to becoming a TO and maybe if they like me enough a PTO. I thought I might put some life in the TCG forum by making it not just about the cards but about all the things! The nostalgia, the friendship, organizing, talking about local events and experiences, what you are excited for and POSSIBLY the collecting aspect, that is unless its the wrong forum to gush on.

As for you lot, what do you collect in the TCG? Tins, BottleCaps, Promos, Shinies from BW forward (Or older ones? Crystal, Star, Delta Star, Shining), Full Arts, Complete Holo Sets.

Do you feel Japanese or English sets are more collectible? I'm not much of a researcher, but from what I can tell from eBay auctions it looks like Japanese cards are slightly more valuable (Especially since they adopted the 1st Edition standard dropped in English releases)

Protection? 1/2 Inch Screw Downs, Top Loaders + Sleeves, Sleeves + Binders, Framing or even PSA grading!

I look forward to hearing from the forum on what they think about the subject. If you're concerned I'm just a collector and don't play, just know I plan to collect Japanese Sets and play the English Sets. Gives me even more money to spend on my hobby!