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    This deck has been built to counter poke-powers/bodies, and coin flips.
    It works well, because I haven't seen a good deck that doesn't rely on them.
    Umbreon protects itself from pokemon that have them, and Shiftry stops the defending pokemon using them.
    Here's my current decklist: (work in progress)

    Eevee UD47 x1
    Eevee MD62 x1
    Eevee RR59 x2
    Umbreon UD10 x2
    Espeon UD02 x1
    Vaporeon RR34 x1
    Seedot RR78 x2
    Nuzleaf RR x2
    Shiftry RR x1
    Slowpoke HS81 x2
    Slowbro HS52 x1
    Slowking UD85 x1
    D&C Legend top TR99 x1
    D&C Legend bottom TR100 x1

    Luxury ball SF86 x1
    Sage's Training x2
    Team Rocket's Trickery x2
    Prof Elm's Training method x3
    Prof Oak's New Theory x1
    Looker's investigation x2
    Interviewer's Questions x2
    Energy Exchanger x2
    Poke Ball x2
    Bebe's search x2
    BTS x1
    Burned tower x1

    Special darkness x2
    Psychic x6
    Darkness x9
    Water x3

    Chances are with this deck you'll start with an Eevee. (The only reason they aren't all RR is cause I only have 2. Plus if I end up with MD, I can get my RR Eevees onto the bench.) Then I signs of evolution an umbreon and either espeon or vaporeon. (Again, I only have 2 umbreon, and I'm trying to find an Espeon Prime so it can moonlight fang aswell.)
    If I start with Seedot, I Harden until something else comes along, and try to shiftry it as soon as possible. Conform does 40 and confuses if we have the same number of cards (currently looking for judge + Copycat) which is why I run Lookers (UP TO 5) plus seal off stops the defending pokemon using pokebodies/powers. Slowking is for extra drawing, plus backup attack. Slowbro's somewhere to put all my spare psychic energy, plus for 3 energy (W,PP) it can OHKO a Donphan Prime. D&C Legend I'm getting rid of, I'm just not sure what to put in instead. Prof Elm is for Eeveelutions/Shiftry/Slowking. Sages training gets my cards out quick, and I can discard my energy because I have so much, and because of burned tower.

    This deck is actually more consistant than you'd think, and the only reason I don't run Uxie is because I don't own it.

    All comments or improvements welcome.

    PS if anyone has any Shiftry, I may be interested, same with Espeon prime and Uxie.

    don't ask me why.
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    Default Re: shiftreon

    Actually, most good decks don't rely on coin flips, which is the reason this deck wouldn't work in competitive play. However, if you're just playing around with friends who use lots of coins, this could be a fun concept.

    You might want to thin down your Pokemon lines a little. Try to fit in some additional drawing/searching effects, such as Pokemon Collector, Pokemon Communication, and Bebe's Search.


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