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    Default Which is the rarer card?

    Hi. I was hoping to get some information on an oddity I found looking through my daughter's Pokemon TCG cards. She is nine years old and is interested in starting to trade cards and I want to know what she has before she hands out anything too cool. We have all of her rare and promo cards separated into a different binder from her other cards. I noticed today that she has duplicates of two cards which are different.

    The first is Venusaur from the Supreme Victors series.
    On one of the Venusaurs the holograph is on the illustration and on the other card the holograph is on the outside of the card. Is one more rare?

    The second is Victreebel from the EX Legend Maker series.
    One of the cards looks like the one pictured on the page at the link. It has black text for the name, hp, and the star is black. On the other card the name, hp, and star are in silver foil and there is a gold Legend Maker stamp on the lower right of the illustration box. Is this one more rare?


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    Default Re: Which is the rarer card?

    They both have the same rarity on Bulbapedia but currently Victreebel (EX Legend Maker 13) is rarer because it is older than the Venusaur Supreme Victors card and is rarely sold new in shops now.
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    Default Re: Which is the rarer card?

    Thank you for your reply Water Max. I was not looking to discover if the Victreebel was more rare than the Venusaur but rather which of the two Victreebel cards was rarer than the other Victreebel and which of the two Venusaur was more rare than the other Venusaur card. The Bulbapedia entry for the cards only list each card once for the set but the two versions are clearly different. Is each card equally rare? Each pair of cards is from the same set and have identical set numbers and other features.

    The Victreebel card on the left has holo print for the name and a Legend Maker stamp by the picture. The one on the right has black text and no Legend Maker stamp.

    The Venusaur on the left has holo foil on the outside of the picture. The Venusaur on the right has holo foil inside the picture.


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    The Venusaur cards and Victreebel cards are technically the same card when just considering its number in the set. However, starting with the Legendary Collection, each booster pack would include one reverse holographic card. This reverse holo can be any of the cards in the set with the exception of ultra rares (I think this is the general rule). So you wont find a reverse holo of Arcanine Ex in a Ex Legend Maker booster pack, but you can find a reverse holo Victreebel. So, the cards you have are the standard card and its reverse holo respectively for the Venusaur and Victreebel. As far as which is rarer, I don't know (I don't know the probability of cards being reverse holo). If I were to guess, since there are far fewer reverse holo's than standard cards I would say the reverse holo of a normally holographic card is rarer. Regardless, the reverse holo's tend to sell for more than the standard cards.

    I actually prefer the regular holographic card to its reverse holo card ( I feel it is a better looking card). When it comes to common/uncommon/rare(non-holo), then I prefer the reverse holo since the standard card lacks any sort of holographic feature. These are just my opinions tho.

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    Default Re: Which is the rarer card?

    Honestly, neither of those cards are especially sought after (probably around $2/each if you were to find a buyer), and the RH (Reverse holo; in the later EX sets, this means the set name stamped on the card, and in the newer sets, this means the card is shiny) versions are probably worth about the same amount.

    I realize this post is a little confusing, lemme know if you'd like clarification.


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