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    Default Prized Possessions

    Some of your favorite cards in your possession. (I am fairly new to TGC)

    Misprint Base Set Bulbasaur - Got on ebay for $5
    Really, REALLY, Torn Up Magikarp - KARP KARP
    Fennekin Box Holo Garchomp - Because Garchomp is awesome in general (although not nearly as awesome as some other Pokemon!)
    Fennekin Box Holo Meoletta EX - Because yeah
    Fennekin Box Reverse Holo Reshiram EX - first legit EX card
    Fennekin Box Reverse Holo Victini - Again cause yeah
    Plasma Storm Team Plasma Druddigon - First dragon type card
    Plasma Storm Team Plasma Holo Infernape - Better than Druddigon even though dragon prevails over all
    Plasma Storm Team Plasma Jolteon - Jolteon is one of my favorite electric Pokemon (behind Ampharos!), got it from a friend
    Legendary Treasures Holo Mew EX - Mew is awesome! Can use any attack through Veratile, Got it from a friend
    Diamond & Pearl Base Set Promo Holo Pikachu (Whew!) - 5 Crappy Pikachu Cards < This!
    Unknown Mesprit - Only recently did I know that this was a legendary
    Diamond and Pearl Raichu - Because yeah
    Jumbo EX Holo Promo Mewtwo - Friend gave to me. Traded it for an EX Plasma Lugia and EX Mew

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    Default Re: Prized Possessions

    My friend does have one of the most wanted pokemon cards,
    an old Charizard, which is worth more than a 1000 dollars.
    and he even doesn't know that, he thinks it is a common pokemon card.


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