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    Default Post your collection here!

    Hey y'all, since I can't find the last tread we had for posting the highlights of your collection, I figured I would put up a new one. Enjoy looking at the highlights of my collection and many others.

    Complete sets

    Neo Series Shinings

    e-Series Crystal cards

    ex cards

    ex series pokemon*

    Lvl X pokemon

    HGSS Primes and Legends

    Black and White EX, FA, and secret rare cards

    I'm almost positive I missed some, so I will update next time I go home. Enjoy!
    I also forgot to mention this took me over two hours...
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    Come! Bring life to the TCG Sections of the forums!!!
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    Default Re: Post your collection here!

    Not nearly as much as OP, but still, this is gonna take a while.

    Complete Sets

    Shining Pokemon and Pokemon*

    Gen III Pokemon ex

    Level X

    Pokemon Prime and LEGEND

    HGSS selected rares

    Gen 5 EX, FA, and selected reverse-holos

    Vintage Promos
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    Default Re: Post your collection here!

    I have loads of cards which i joint own with my younger brother, however my personal collection is somewhat smaller but probably equally if not more valuable!

    Complete- neo genesis 1st edition
    most valuable cards: the usual 1st edition neo gen holos (lugia, statrters, pichu etc)
    1st ed neo discovery umbreon (my favourite card atm), wobbuffet, smeargle
    1st ed neo revelation delibird

    thats all :)
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    Default Re: Post your collection here!

    I just started collecting a week ago but I already own meowth bw35. 2 zoroark bw09. Persian holo. Ancient mew prerelease fossil aerodactyl. Cool porygon Shellmet championship. And 4 drx prerelease altaria.
    As for extras I own rayquaza ex. Slowking prime. Tangrowth lv.x.


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