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    Although I don't actually play them, I'm an avid collector of the cards.

    Upon buying my first two Triumphant boosters, I came across the top half of the Palkia and Dialga Legend card. I have a few Primes, a few EX, most namely Zapdos EX, and a couple of rare Delta Species, such as Dragonite, but I'm pretty sure this is the rarest card I own.

    What are the chances of me finding the bottom half?

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    Default Re: Palkia and Dialga Legend

    Your chances of pulling it in a pack are fairly low... I have it and would be willing to trade it to you. What Primes do you have?

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    I have Donphan Prime and Lanturn Prime, and I think MAYBE Steelix Prime, but I think I might have already traded it away


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