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    My brother gave me his Pokemon cards a few years ago and i got really attached. I'm really wanting to get them organized but i have no idea how!! Can someone help me please!!!

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    Put Them In Set Number? Put Them In Pokedex Order?

    I do the frist 1
    .BW set
    .BW promos
    .McDonalds Promos

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    There is a thread with more ideas of how to organise cards called 'How Do You Organise Your Cards?'. This is my reply to that thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by Water Max View Post
    I keep them in folders. I have 4 folders which are 2 folders of 10 9 pocket pages, 1 folder with 14 4 pocket pages and a binder. I organise them by which theme deck or booster pack they came from and then I organise those by the types of pokémon and trainer, support and stadium cards are organised alphabetically. If I have pokémon in the same evolutionary family which came from different booster packs or theme decks I do switch the cards' places to have the evolutionary family in a row together. I also put the movie promotional cards close to each other and put the Eevee evolutionary family close to each other in national pokédex number order with some energy cards of its type above each one in my 4 pocket page folder because I do have at least one of each of the 7 evolved forms of Eevee and many Eevee basic cards.
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    How many cards do you have? Do you want to play with them or work on completing your collection? Do you plan on doing any trading? All of these questions will influence the way you'll want to organize your cards. I keep a "completed collection" of each set in UltraPro Platinum 9-card sleeves in 3-ring binders, organized by set and card number.

    I keep my extras organized by set and number, as well, but in shoeboxes. This way I can look at the "holes" I have in my set or show my collection off at a glance, but all my extras remain uncluttered and out of the way, for easy access during deck building or trading.


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