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Thread: Online TCG with original cards?

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    Default Online TCG with original cards?

    Does anyone know if anything like this exists? I know there is the official Nintendo sponsored online game with all of the new cards and where you buy the expansion packs, etc etc.

    But is there another fan-made program that exists to play TCG online with? What I would really like is to be able to use all of the old cards (e.g. Jungle, Fossil, Neo Genesis...), and the official version doesn't let you because they only care about the new stuff.

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    Default Re: Online TCG with original cards?

    Do you mean sort of like DuelingNetwork is for Yu Gi Oh? Unfortunately not, from what I've seen, only the official version on their website (and unfortunately I'm willing to bet that if anybody tried to make a free version they'd be shut down quite quickly).

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    There is, but that doesn't handle any of the rules for you - you have to know how the rules are supposed to resolve themselves in order to use it. It also requires using to build the decklists you use on
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