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    Hi all, I'm new to the community here. I played the Pokemon TCG YEARS ago but it is obvisous that so much has changed since then. My local store where I usually play other games (not YGO if anyone was wondering, I hate that game) is just about to start a Pokemon league. Everyone is really excited about it so I wanna make sure I have a pretty good deck before we start. I'll include a short description of how I'm thinking of playing the deck but this is what I have so far. Any tips and changes would be greatly appreciated, all I ask is to include a short reason for any changes so I know what I'm doing and why, and to get a better understanding. Thanks!

    4x Roggenrola (Emerging Powers 50/98)
    1x Boldore (Emerging Powers 51/98) <- I'd much prefer this version though I only have 1 at the moment)
    2x Boldore (Emerging Powers 52/98)
    2x Gigalith (Emerging Powers 53/98)
    4x Sandile (Emerging Powers 60/98)
    3x Krokorok (Emerging Powers 61/98)
    2x Krookodile (Emerging Powers 62/98)
    4x Throh (Emerging Powers 58/98)
    2x Sawk (Emerging Powers 59/98) <- Hoping to get 2x Terrakion (Noble Victories 73/101)

    2x Level Ball
    2x Energy Retrieval
    2x Cheren
    3x Heavy Ball
    3x Pokemon Communication
    3x Potion
    3x Energy Search

    18x Fighting Energy

    So a quick synopsis of the deck: I really like Gigalith's attacks. He is the main focus of the deck. But because I'm playing just one type, I've tried toinclude different Pokemon with different weaknesses, so if my opponent is playing one of those weaknesses I can try and focus on the other Pokemon in my deck. THe trainer cards I've picked are there to help me search out and obtain my Stage 1 and 2 Pokemon as quickly as possible, or Basic ones if my Bench is looking empty. They also concentrate on getting my Energy cards into my hand so I can boost up Gigalith before he becomes my active Pokemon.

    Like I said before, any tips or changes is greatly appreciated, just please leave a quick reason as to why the change so I better understand what I'm doing. Thanks all!

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    Lets see here... Instead of having 4 Basics, 3 Stage 1, and 2 Stage 2 pokemon for each line it should look more like 3 basic, 1 Stage 1, 3 Stage 2 of each + 4 Rare Candies. This will make it far easier to get them out consistently. Also I would drop your Throh count to 2, I can't see any reason where you would ever need four. Also consider adding in one Cleffa (HGSS or CoL), because it can get you out of some bad hands.

    Onto the trainers. I already stated that you should add 4 rare candies. You should Also add 4 Junk Arm to reuse your Trainer-Item cards. Adding 2 Pokemon Catcher would be good o get easy kills off of your opponents bench. Because you are running cards with high retreat I would suggest 2 switch so you can get them out of active if necessary.
    You also need some shuffle-draw supporters to help you with consistensy. 2Pokemon Collector is almost a necessity to help you get set up quickly I would suggest 3 Professor Oak's New Theory, 2 N, 1 Professor Juniper. Now for trainers to be removed. I would drop the Cherens. since you want your energies in your deck for Gigalith's attack, and you should have too much trouble getting them in your hand anyway. I would also drop your heavy and level balls down to one each. (If you need more they can be junk armed). Drop the energy search, since they are only helpful if you are using more than on type of energy. Also drop the potions, removing 30 damage is not a good affect in most cases.

    Also, to make it fit I would drop 3 fighting energy

    So I know it's a lot of changes, but your deck is built a lot like a theme deck (THEME DECKS LIE!!!)
    Here is a quick summary of the changes I suggested. Hope this helps :)

    -1 Roggenrola
    -2 Boldore
    -1 Sandile
    -2 Krokorok
    -2 Throh
    -3 Cheren
    -2 Heavy Ball
    -1 Level Ball
    -3 Energy Search
    -3 Potion
    -3 Fighting Energy


    +1 G1galith
    +1 Krookodile
    +1 Cleffa
    +4 Rare Candy
    +4 Junk Arm
    +2 Pokemon Catcher
    +2 Switch
    +2 Pokemon Collector
    +3 Professor Oaks New Theory
    +2 N
    +1 Professor Juniper

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    Come! Bring life to the TCG Sections of the forums!!!
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    Basicly what he said, but what I've bee recommending to a lot of people at my league who run decks like yours is exp. share to keep energy in play so you can keep using your powerful attacks, because if you lose the Pokemon you attached all your energy to you're back to square one.hope I helped
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