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    Default Modified Royal Guard, want opinions

    okay, so this is the deck i'm working on (a modified Royal Guard deck). I'm just wondering what all people think of it. The main goal of this deck is to severely annoy and cripple opponents by using poison, the lost zone, and forcing discardings.

    Lost Emperors
    Card list:
    2x Nidoking (Triumphant)
    2x Nidoqueen (Rising Rivals)
    2x Nidorino (Triumphant)
    2x Nidorina (Triumphant)
    4x Nidoran M (Triumphant)
    4x Nidoran F (Triumphant)
    1x Giratina (Platinum 27)
    1x Giratina Lvl. X (Platinum)
    2x Shuppet (Tirumphant)
    1x Banette (Triumphant)
    1x Bronzong (Stormfront)
    1x Bronzor (Majestic Dawn)
    1x Burned Tower
    4x Flower Shop Lady
    2x Team Rocket's Trickery (Undaunted)
    4x Rescue Energy (Undaunted)
    6x Fighting Energy
    14x Psychic Energy
    2x Interviewer's Questions (Triumphant)
    2x Seeker
    1x Alph Lithograph (Undaunted)
    1x Life Herb

    Description: The Nido-lines are meant to co-act off each other, with the 2 -queens boosting my Nidokings' HP to 180 and negating poisoning with Maternal Comfort, which allows me to remove a damage counter in between turns. Nidoking, with 180 HP, and an 80 damage attack guaranteed to poison, is a VERY effective wall, especiallly considering the Maternal Comfort. Giratina and Banette both have the awesome capability to send energies and/or pokemon into the Lost Zone. Giratina Lvl. X's Invisible Tentacles (which forces the opponent to discard a card from their hand every time they attack), combined with Seeker, and TR's Trickery, will hopefully allow me to burn through an opponent's deck quickly. Bronzong is mostly there to get me energies quicker, as his attacks aren't all that powerful or effective. Finally, i come to the redraw capabilities. Flower Shop Lady allows me to put 3 pokemon AND 3 energies from my discard pile back into my deck, and the Burned Tower Stadium enables me to bring a discarded energy straight into my hand. Team Rocket's Trickery has the amusing affect of forcing the opponent to discard one card after i draw 2. Rescue Energy allows me to return a KO'd pokemon to my hand instead of discarding it, allowing for the quick replaying of the KO'd pokemon.

    So, yeah, just looking for peoples' input on this before i spend $40 getting most of the deck from a card-ordering site. Just tell me what you think of it, and if you have any suggestions, keep in mind that i want this to be a Modified-Legal deck (i.e. legal for tournament use). I'm not sure if Stormfront & Majestic Dawn are part of the current cycle, though, so i may swap the Bronzong line for another Life Herb and an Interviewer's Questions.
    Anyways, Please give me any input you can!
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    Default Re: Modified Royal Guard, want opinions

    D-List Update! I posted it on Pokegym and i got some very useful advice that confirmed and addressed my previous concerns.

    Strategy: Start with Sableye and impersonate to get Uxie into my hand, then start impersonating to get Nidoking and at least one Nidoqueen into play faster. Once i have Nidoking, attach expert belt to boost Venom Horn to 100 damage and start sweeping. Giratina Lvl. X for Invisible Tentacles support, and support with Darkness Lost and Broken Time-Space if Needed. In the event that Nidoking gets KO'd, I'll have a Rescue energy and/or Burned Tower/Flower Shop Lady to get him back into play as quickly as possible. Alph Lithograph to remove annoying Stadiums if i've run out of Burned Towers.

    Pokes: 21
    3-2-2 Nidoking (Triumphant)
    3-2-2 Nidoqueen (1 healing {RR}, 1 draw {Triumphant} )
    1-1 Giratina (Platinum 27) (Lvl. X)
    1x Uxie
    4x Sableye

    Trainers/Supporters/Stadium: 19
    2 Burned Tower
    4 Flower Shop Lady
    3 Bebe's Search
    2 Twins
    3 Professor Oak's New Theory
    2 Expert Belts
    2 Seeker
    1 Alph Lithograph (Undaunted)

    Energies: 20
    2x Rescue Energy (Undaunted)
    4x Fighting Energy
    14x Psychic Energy

    so, anything else needed, do you think?

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    Default Re: Modified Royal Guard, want opinions

    I don't like the Giratina Lv.X line... it slows you down a lot with no real benefit. Also, you have far too many Energies to be consistent. And why on earth would you run four Flower Shop Lady?

    Find room for Warp Point, Broken Time-Space, Rare Candy, and Pokemon Collector. Also, another Uxie would be good. In essence, the deck needs more speed cards. You won't be able to keep up against decks that have solid engines with a T/S/S line this weak.

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    Default Re: Modified Royal Guard, want opinions

    Yeah... 'bout that last list... it's slightly outdated, this is the totally current one. (This'll teach me to update these threads more often)

    Pokes: 21
    3-2-2 Nidoking (Triumphant)
    3-2-3 Nidoqueen (2 healing{RR}, 1 draw{Triumphant})
    1-1 Giratina (Platinum 27) (Lvl. X)
    1 Uxie
    3 Sableye

    Trainers/Supporters/Stadium: 20
    2 Burned Tower
    2 Palmer's Contribution
    3 Bebe's Search
    2 Twins
    2 Professor Oak's New Theory
    2 Expert Belts
    2 Seeker
    2 Broken Time-Space
    2 Pokemon Communications
    2 Rare candy

    Energies: 18
    3x Rescue Energy (Undaunted)
    5x Fighting Energy
    10x Psychic Energy

    Strategy: Start with Sableye and Impersonate to get Giratina and Lvl. X. Use Invisible Tentacles, in conjunction with Broken Time-Space/Darkness Lost, to stall and disrupt until i have a Nidoking ready. When one is ready, Strafe out Giratina and sweeping with Venom Horn, powered by Expert Belt. Use Nidoqueen's Maternal Comfort to draw damage off of injured fighters, and use Nidoqueens to trigger Pheromone Stamina, ideally boosting Nidoking to 220 HP (taking into account Expert Belt)


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