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    Default LUXLOCK

    My LUXLOCK Deck (Working Progress)

    Strategy: High Disruption while scooping up cheap prizes and possible donk chances. (Detailed analysis following card list.)

    Pokemon: 23

    Garchomp C 2-2
    Luxray GL 2-2
    Uxie LA 2-1
    Sableye SF 4
    Honchkrow G 1
    Honchkrow SV 1
    Murkrow SV 1
    Lucario GL 1
    Unown Q 1
    Crobat G 1
    Chatot G 1
    Ambopom G 1

    Trainers, Supports, Stadiums: 26

    Cyrus's Conspiracy 4
    Cyrus's Initiative 2
    Judge 1
    Bebe's Search 1
    Pokemon Collector 1
    Aaron's Collection 1
    Poke Turn 4
    Energy Gain 3
    Power Spray 3
    SP Radar 2
    VS Seeker 2
    Premier Ball 1
    Luxury Ball 1

    Energy: 11

    Double Colorless Energy 4
    Special Darkness Energy 3
    Lightning energy 2
    Darkness Energy 2

    Total Cards: 60

    Analysis: As stated Before the purpose is to disrupt the opponent while scooping up cheap prizes and if possible, donk on the 1st or 2nd turn before the game even starts.

    Attackers: Luxray GL and Garchomp C. (Dragon Rush Snipes and Bright Look KO's) Sableye (Special Darkness plus Overconfident Donks) Crobat G (for that extra kick of 10-20 damage preventing KO's) Ambipom G (:colorless: weakness and low/no energy count KO's) Honchkrow G (Backup snipe) Uxie LV X ( weakness zen blade KO's)

    Supports: Uxie LA, LV X (Draw Support) Lucario GL (x2 Weakness) Unown Q (No retreat cost) Sableye (Impersonate key supporter cards early game) Most Trainers, Supporters, and Energy fall under this category.

    Disruptor: Ambipom G (Move Vital Energy cards to opponents non-attacking supporters.) Murkrow SV (move opponents vital Pokemon tools to their non-attacking supporters) Honchkrow SV (fill up opponents bench with weak/useless support/etc. targets to prevent main attackers from being played) Cyrus's Initiative (put key cards on bottom of opponents deck) Power spray (prevent vital poke-powers from taking effect) Chatot G (Disrupt opponents draw line)

    So far the deck is doing quite well against the Gengar Hype in my area (LostGar, VileGar, Gengar) as well as a few SP meta types, and Machamp, Donphan, Yanmega, Gyrados, Kingdra meta types. State championships is coming in March and all the hype is Gengar and will be heavily played. (I am 1 of the 2 ONLY SP type players in my area)

    I could however use any advice and help I can get to fine tune and perfect this deck so all feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

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    Default Re: LUXLOCK

    It's basically Sablelock with Luxray GL. Check out the Bulbapedia article on Sablelock here. It might give you some ideas. I'd consider trying to find room for more Pokemon Collector and two Junk Arm. How do you feel about getting rid of Premier Ball and VS Seeker?


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