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    Default Lost link deck?

    I know this is a japanese set and some of these cards might never be released outside japan, but I have a deck idea using these cards. (plus if they do come out I might find it easier to find them)

    I don't have an actual decklist yet, but I do know most of the (planned) cards. The deck is called power of void.

    Gengar Prime LL
    Its catastrophe poke-body means that when I knock out a pokemon, it goes to the lost zone, even with gengar on my bench, plus cast into darkness means I can disrupt his hand and add cards to the lost zone.

    Zangoose LL
    Its lost claw attack does the same as cast into darkness but on a lesser scale

    Darkrai and Cressilia legend
    Lost crisis has the potental to put masses of cards in the lost zone, plus moon's invite allows me to move the damage to where I want it.

    Research documents LL
    This could disrupt my opponent e.g. call energy, plus adds cards to the lost zone.

    Broken time-space P
    Allows me to get out Gengar quickly.

    Uxie LA
    You can't really have a deck without this card

    And most importantly...

    Lost world LL
    Play this card when your opponent has 6 lost zone cards and you can declare yourself the winner.

    Please tell me some cards to add to make drawing easier, and any other comments.

    P.S. Incase you haven't figured out, the aim of this deck is to get as many cards in your opponents lost zone as possible, then use lost world to win.
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    Default Re: Lost link deck?

    I think your best bet is going to be to focus on Gengar Prime, in combination with Lost World. Many suspect that that deck will dominate the competitive metagame after its release.

    Aside from Uxie, good bets regarding drawing/searching will probably be Professor Oak's New Theory, Pokemon Collector, and Unown R. Running four Spiritomb AR to stall in the earlygame and get your Gengar Primes up and running might not be such a bad idea, either.

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    Default Re: Lost link deck?

    Thanks. I'll see if I can find some of those cards.
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    Default Re: Lost link deck?

    I think I may have a decklist:

    Pokemon (19):

    2x Phanpy (LP Promo (If out outside Japan) or HS 77)
    2x Donphan prime (HS 107)
    4x Spiritomb (AR 32)
    2x Uxie (LA 43)
    2x Unown R (LA 77)
    2x Ghastly (TR 63)
    2x Haunter (TR 35)
    2x Gengar prime (TR 94)
    1x Mew prime (TR 97)

    T/S/St (21)

    3x Twins (TR 89)
    4x Proffesor Elm's training method (HS 100)
    3x Proffesor Oak's new theory (HS 101)
    2x Pokemon collector (HS 97)
    3x Interviewers questions (UL 77)
    3x Flower shop lady (UD 74)
    2x Broken Time-space (PT 104)
    1x Lost world (CL ?)

    Energy (20):

    6x Fighting
    2x Rainbow (104 HS)
    2x Darkness
    10x psychic

    The overall strategy is nearly the same, though now I have added Mew prime to get more power from the lost zone, and Donphan prime to cover Mew and Gengar's weakness to darkness.

    Please comment to help me to improve my deck
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