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    Default Leafeon Variant

    so as the title suggests this is just a variation of a deck using the Leafeon from Undaunted, really it's a fun deck to run, though it is a bit outsped by decks such as luxchomp but overall I find this build pretty consistent so here it is and yeah check it out


    2x Eevee RR
    2x Eevee UD
    2x Roselia UL
    2x Sableye SF
    2x Magmar UL
    1x Shaymin UL
    1x Uxie LA
    1x Azelf LA
    1x Flareon RR
    2x Roserade UL
    1x Umbreon UD
    3x Leafeon UD
    2x Magmortar SV
    1x Shaymin LV X PL (126/127)


    1x Broken Time Space
    1x Level Max
    2x Switch
    2x Pokemon Communication
    2x SSU
    2x Seeker
    2x Volkners Philosophy
    2x Interviewers Questions
    2x Pokemon Collector
    2x Prof Elm's Training Method
    3x Bebe's Search
    1x Prof Oak's New Theory


    8x Grass
    4x Rainbow
    2x Fire
    1x Dark

    so the deck runs by essentially abusing either Roserades or Magmortars poke powers with Leafeon. Flareon is teched to counter any Steelix/Scizor decks running around, Umbreon is teched because all around it is a good card. I chose to run Unleashed Shaymin because its celebration wind poke power is pretty good in the deck. Shaymin LV X gives Leafeon a bit more bulk so yeah what do you guys think and any suggestions are definitely welcomed

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    Default Re: Leafeon Variant

    It's a very interesting idea, and one that's often been thrown around on TCG-oriented forums. Yes, it is too slow to function in a competitive environment, but it's still a fun deck that can work in a league setting. Your build doesn't look half bad, but it could use a little touching up...

    Run more Collectors.
    Run more BTS.
    Run one more Bebe's.
    Run more PONT.
    Run one more Uxie.
    Run more Sableye.

    Don't run Shaymin
    Don't run Volkner's.
    Don't run Elm's.
    Don't run Interviewer's.
    Don't run the Dark Energy.

    Shaymin slows down the deck with little benefit. The Supporters I'm taking out are ineffective compared to running more Collector, Bebe's, and PONT. The Dark Energy won't help you 99.9% of the time. If you're going to run Sableye, you want to start with it. Run four.

    Hope this helps somewhat.

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    Default Re: Leafeon Variant

    Yeah the Dark energy does seem to be a bit of terrible draw late game ^^, but thank you for the input, trust me if I had more Uxies I would totally run them thanks for the input man


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