Hey guys ! My youtube channel and I (that sounded better in my head.. but now it stays! ) decided to make a PTCG Giveaway! with 2 prices!!
It is not as cool as it could have been :( but they are from my personal arsenal, and I think they are amongst the best cards I have :)

The reason I do this, is that I want to have more activity on my channel (yes I know that it is lame - like very much - and it is a cheap trick) But I would love so much to have a bigger audience.. I live to entertain! and this has given me 3 subs on 2 days, instead of 9 subs over 3 months .. so it might help :)

But this is not a cry for help, it is a GIVEAWAY! and it is goin to be a happy GIVEAWAY.

The prices are as follows: Ho-oh EX for a nice comment (that is not so bad?)
Ho-oh EX FA ! which goes to a random subscriber ! (wauw that is nice! - yep it is nice )

so go ahead and participate :D you might win a nice card :D

btw! here are the link :
An Awsome Pokémon GIVEAWAY sponsored by Kamistra! - YouTube

thank you for your time :)

TL;DR - PTCG GIVEAWAY at the link above!