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    Default Help for a newb

    yeah well i only just really got into the TCG properly.The deck i have aint that great i dont think but i only really play my mates at it.But then my mates cousin came to town and destroyed us all so im asking for some help building my new deck.I dont have many cards about 270-310 i think cant quite remember.Anyway my deck the now is as follows

    Infernape Lvl X x1
    Infernape x1
    Monferno x2
    Chimchar x2
    Blaziken EX x1
    Combusken x1
    Torchic x1
    Feraligatr DELTA x1
    Croconaw DELTA x1
    Totodile DELTA x1
    Blastoise x1
    Wartortle x1
    Squirtle x1
    Rhyperior 4 x1
    Aerodactyl GLx4
    Hippowdon 4 x2
    Hippopotas x4
    Hippowdon x1
    Trapinch x4
    Virbrava x2
    Flygon x1

    Trainer/Supporter x5

    Volkner's philosophy x1
    Bebe's Search x1
    Energy restore x1
    Aaron's collection x1
    Switch x1

    Energy x22

    Water x9
    Electric x2
    Fire x6
    Fight x5

    any help is greatly appreciated
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    Default Re: Help for a newb

    Basically, you need way fewer Pokémon/Energy and a lot more trainers. Right now, your deck is inconsistent because you have way too many Pokémon lines. Slim it down to maybe this:
    1x Infernape Lv.X
    3x Infernape
    3x Monferno
    3x Chimchar
    2x Blaziken EX (which one?)
    2x Combusken
    3x Torchic

    And add in either a 2-2 Claydol GE or a 2-2 Porygon2 GE. As far as your trainers/supporters go, try adding in more that let you search for Pokémon and draw cards. Note that this list wouldn't be legal because Blaziken EX is too old to use, but it can still be fun!

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    not bad,more people should know.


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