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    Hello Everybody! I am new to the Bulbagarden forums. I am the owner of , an online retailer of Pokemon & Yugioh single cards. I encourage everybody to view the site and check it out! We provide buyers with extremely high quality cards at the lowest prices on the world wide market. We do this by pricing our cards at the lowest end of eBay prices for the same cards, which are already extremely low to begin with.

    is run by just me, a Pokemon & Yugioh expert and enthusiast. I love the card games, and have great knowledge of them, and that passion is translated to the website. I actually started selling trading cards on eBay under the profile name and made the profile a top rated power seller above big names such as Troll & Toad. My goal is to provide Pokemon & Yugioh card collectors with the best cards on the market for the lowest prices.

    Having an independent website, my only way to generate traffic to tell people about the website, and then let the buyers decide if they like it or not. This post is not intended just for marketing, but I encourage everybody to reply stating what they like and dislike about the site, how they feel about the products, and how they feel about the prices. Since the site is brand new, I still have thousands of cards to add to the inventory as the site progresses, and I am constantly buying new cards to sell.

    I will also stay active on these forums, as I am a Pokemon enthusiast aside from a business man. Please tell your friends and other users about to make people aware of the site. It is greatly appreciated.
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    Hi @Legendarycards! We don't actually allow users to advertise their sites in posts or thread but according to the follow rule:

    Quote Originally Posted by Musashi View Post
    5. Advertising (3 points, 1 month)
    • Users should only advertise websites, YouTube channels, blogs, etc. in either their signature or blog as opposed to in a post.

    • Posting in another person’s trade/art/fanfic thread to talk about your own is considered advertising.
    • Bulbagarden affiliates are allowed a certain degree of leeway for advertising their sites.
    You may advertise your site either in your signature or in a blog. I've gone and removed the mention of your site in your post to abide by the rule. If you need any help with editing your signature or making a blog, don't hesitate to contact me personally.


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