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    I just recently got back into the TCG and am just getting started back up. I bought the Legends Awakening: Retort[/URL] deck and was wondering if there was a deck or packs that any of you could recommend to me that would complement it nicely. I'm thinking of having a water-fighting deck, but I'm not very attached to that combo if you think I'd be better off using a different type.

    (I wish I hadn't bought the Retort deck right now, because I'm not actually that into Fighting as a type, but I'm stuck with it and am not gonna waste the money I spent on it.)
    Here's the link to the card breakdown of the deck I bought.

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    Default Re: Good Deck combination?

    i would suggest a water electric deck as donphan prime and fire decks are quite popular. the electric would be to cut down other popular cards like yanmega prime.
    fighting water would work to as weavile is another popular card.
    hope i helped


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