Garchomp Fighting & Water Deck (Help)

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    Hey this is just a Garchomp deck I made. This is my second deck so I hope you guys like it!

    4x Gible
    3x Gabite
    2x Garchomp
    2x Feebas
    3x Milotic
    2x Wailmer
    2x Wailord
    2x Terrakion
    3x Cubone
    2x Marowak
    2x Stunfisk
    10x Water
    6x Fighting
    1x Blend Energy
    2xEnergy Retrieval
    3x Energy Search
    2x Energy Switch
    1x Giant Cape
    3x Pokemon Communication
    3x Super Rod
    2x Cheren

    Please tell me how my deck is. This is my second deck so it might not be great but always looking for improvement!

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    Default Re: Garchomp Fighting & Water Deck (Help)

    Looks decent to me. However, you're lacking on Trainer cards. Having a few more Supporters (Bianca, Juniper, etc.) wouldn't hurt.
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