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    Hello everyone, just found this site and so far i like what i see. Was wondering what are some good sets using only Base Set1, Jungle and Fossil Cards. Unfortunatly the only decks im aware of are the 8 theme decks, Overgrowth, Zap, Brushfire, Blackout, WaterBlast, Power reserve, LockDown, BodyGuard. Going to try to put together a tournament in my home and wondering what some of the better decks are that people know of. Would also like to know strengths and weaknesses of these decks. Can be custom decks or one of the 8 starter sets, tho i doubt a good custom set will lose to a starter set. thanks everyone! -Brainstew

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    I would highly suggest looking through those cards first to find which are broken and which are not. Some cards you might want to exclude or use a Palace Format are:

    Base Set


    Thats about it! To start with, look at the pokemon, their attacks and how you are going to evolve them. Games tend to be a bit slower with the early sets due to energy constraints and no quick set ups for evolutions. It will most likely be a Stage 1 or even Basic battle to start (That doesn't mean Mewtwo EX Smacking things around) and there are very few basic legendaries. I am horrible at deck building so I'll let someone else give that advice.


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