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    I'm a counselor at a summer camp for boys, and this year I got my cabin and half the camp into playing basic games with a couple decks I bought. One of my kids was half-Chinese and he had some... interesting cards sent to him from home. He lives both in the USA and China, since his mom does business back in China, so he had some fake Chinese cards. They're really bad fakes, but what's cool is that he gave them to me when he found out they're fake. Anyways, here they are (17 of them):

    fake Chinese cards

    Aside from nearly all of the art not being from official cards, the cards are only about 90% the size of a real card and most of them have the wrong artist and spelling mistakes in their names:

    I dunno, just thought it was interesting.
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    I would have hated to been the poor kids having to battle his 2800 Hp Onigohri lol.

    These fakes are fascinating... I remember getting similar fake cards out of the grocery store vending machines, none had such extravagant Hp however.

    Edit whoa! Pokemon names are automatically hyperlinked lol, wonder how long I've not noticed that.


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