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    Default Dragons Exalted Prerelease

    Well I went to my first of 2 dragons exalted prereleases last weekend (next one will be the weekend after next). I barely made it on time, cause I went to the one that im supposed to go to in two weeks by mistake -facepalm-. Anyway Ill give you guys an overview of what happened. In my first 6 packs here's a list off all rares and trainers I pulled and energies:

    Gothitelle (RH)
    Garchomp (the good one)
    Slaking (RH)
    Devolution Spray (RH)
    Blend Energy (GFPD) x2
    Rescue Scarf
    Giant Cloak

    At first this list doesnt look horrible for a set with no supporters. But out of that cards that I could use/would be at all useful are:
    Rescue Scarf
    Giant Cloak.

    yeah that cut my options in half...

    So this is the deck I built:
    2-2-1 Garchomp (Gible #86, Gabite with Dragon Call)
    2-1-1 Gothitelle
    1-1 Probopass
    3-1 Drifblim (Drifloon #49 x1, Drifloon #50 x2)
    1 Boufallant
    2-1 Cascoon
    1 Throh
    1 Rescue Scarf
    1 Giant Cloak
    7 Fight
    6 Psy
    5 Water

    I figured I wasnt entirely screwed cause of Gabite's dragon call. I was sort of right.

    Game 1: I start with drifloon active, Garchomp and rescue scarf and 4 energies in my hand (none were psy). Opponent starts with stunky... So I have three turns to find a new basic. T1 whiff. T2 Gible (phew). T3 Gabite (Im praising the lord at the moment). I dragon call for the second gible (discovered the 2nd gabite was prized). He KOs Drifloon. I send Gabite up, evolve, attach rescue scarf, the proceed to sweep with Garchomp. 1-0

    Game 2: Again I start with Drifloon active -.-. Except this time with 6 energies in hand. Over the next 10-15 turns the only basics I drew were 2x Drifloon and 2x Wurmple. Without drawing into Cascoon or Drifblim. Over the course of that span we each take three prizes. Him with regular attacking (gothorita, audino, something else). Me by using wurmple to put him asleep and poison him, the retreating to drifloon to hit till it died (I got really lucky with coinflips throughout the game). Eventually he has Audino left (who is poisoned, but can heal itself) with a full bench. I have 2 Drifloon left (or 1 Drifloon and 1 Wurmple... dont remember). I finally draw a new basic: Gothita. I have Gothorita and Gothitelle in my hand. So I play Gothita, retreat active (who was damaged), attach Giant cloak to Gothita, attach energy. Future Sight. He hits me for 60, while evolving his gothita on bench. I evolve to Gothorita, attach energy use hypnoblast for 10 + sleep. In between turns he flips, wakes up. He hits me for 60. Game over. 1-1

    Note: I did mess this game up. When I put Gothita active with the cloak, I should have put my benched pokemon (drifloon or wurmple) active with giant cloak. Attached energy to gothita. he attacks for 60. Evolve to gothorita. attach energy to active and retreat. use hypnoblast. (Assuming he wakes up) he hits me for 60. I have 20 health. I evolve to Gothitelle attach energy, attempt Doom Decree. If suceed I win, if fail, his turn. He hits me for 60 again. I have 10 health. I attach energy, use black magic for 140 KO, game... oh well.

    Game three: dont remember this one too well. He had an onslaught of pokemon (such as good Manetric, Ho-oh EX, non-ability Roserade) after starting with an emolga. I basically had Boufallant.... I lost without taking a prize. 1-2

    Oh well, I still had fun. But the after part was the best.
    2 Packs noteables:
    Terrakion EX
    Almomola (RH)
    Wurmple (RH)
    Tool Scrapper x2
    Giant Cloak

    I traded my 2 Entei EX for an Alakazam* (putting me one card closer to complete CG set)
    Sold Raikou EX for $25
    Although I failed to trade for anymore TerrakionEX for my QuadTerrakionEX deck, I still had a lot of fun and considered my day to be a success :).
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    Come! Bring life to the TCG Sections of the forums!!!
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    Default Re: Dragons Exalted Prerelease

    Sounds exciting! I'm just glad they added Dragon.
    Dragonite, a normal type? HAHAHA

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    Default Re: Dragons Exalted Prerelease

    I attended a prerelease as well today. I didn't do so well, but I managed to win one of my matches with my Bouffalon.

    I think I had my deck as:

    Ho-oh EX
    Rescue Scarf
    And a lot of energies.

    I kept drawing so many energies during this, I lost so many matches because of it. orz

    I traded my Hydreigon and Drifblim for some older rares and EXs, but there was no way I was going to part with Ho-oh. I managed to trade for a Sigilyph and another Bouffalant. I want to make a deck around those two, it might be fun to take on EXs with them~
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    Default Re: Dragons Exalted Prerelease

    Just went to another this morning. I'm not going to put as long of an analysis up, but I will skim over everything.
    2-1 Probopass
    2-1 Skuntank
    2-2 Roserade (One of each Roserade)
    1 Maractus
    1-1 Bibarel
    1 Boufallant
    2-2 Flaafy
    1-1 Manetric (The one with energy accel.)
    1 Devolution Spray
    1 Giant Cloak
    6x Grass
    6x Electric
    6x Dark.

    Looks even worse than last one at this point...

    Game 1: would have lost this one really quick, had it not been for a huge mistake on his part... Still lost because of a failed paralysis flip. Had it succeeded I would have won 0-1

    Game 2:Got Skuntank out T2, was hitting for 80 T3, wasnt much he could do. 1-1

    Game 3: Again, T2 Skuntank... couldnt hit for 80 as quick though. By the time he was able to KO Skuntank (which was difficult for him, since he failed every one of his coin flips that game...) I had Manetric and Probopass charged up already... He was fighting with an Emolga. No contest. 2-1

    So this deck would up doing better... probably because I was luck enough to get Manetric and Skuntank every game...

    Last 2 Packs:
    Reverse Golurk... yeah... not too good

    However, someone left two packs on the table. I didnt take them until we were asked to leave the venue.
    Found 2 Packs:
    Reverse Sigilyph
    Rescue Scarf
    Tool Scrapper
    Blend Energy (GFPD)

    My girlfriend pulled a shiny Serperior and a good Garchomp! (kinda makes up for my crap)
    Traded Groudon EX and Kyurem EX (Promo) for Metagross* (Two Pokemon* in two weeks!)
    Traded Ninetails and Tool Scrapper for Tornadus
    Traded FA Cobalion for Shiftry ex (CG) and Reverse Gardevoir (RS)... (Not the greatest deal... but I need the CG cards)
    Traded Level Ball and 2 Max Potion for Reverse Blend Energy (FEWS)

    Still no more Terrakion EX though... might just wind up running Garchomp/Altaria since all I need are the blend energy and 1 Garchomp

    Most important though, I really enjoyed myself!
    (And Im psyched for the relaunch of PTCGO multiplayer sometime next week!)

    EDIT: alright... so it didnt wind up being much shorter
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    Come! Bring life to the TCG Sections of the forums!!!
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    Default Re: Dragons Exalted Prerelease

    I went to one prerelease. It was complete shit. I ended up with a total of twelve packs (8 from the event, 4 from a draft) and pulled literally nothing noteworthy. The best card I got was a Ninetales. I went like 1-2 or something, not like it matters. I had a terrible time and probably will not be attending another prerelease for awhile, given that the last few I've been to have been pretty awful.

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    Default Re: Dragons Exalted Prerelease

    I did horrible. The best I pulled was a blend energy and an ampharos.
    But my brother pulled a fa terrakion ex and 2 throb and 2 dawn. He made a great deck and won every battle.whereas I lost all three with my nincada electrike durant tympole deck.
    Krage sreym


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