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    Default DP expansions reverse holo

    What do the reverse holo of the DP expansions look like? Because I have this holographic Piplup 93/130 of DP expansion (DP Print version : Piplup (Diamond & Pearl 93) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia). But it says on the website (and on the card) that it's just a common card.

    Fake card o.o?

    Hmmm and the EX's expansions' reverse holos are even weirder.. the picture of the pokemon is still shiny but it also have a shiny gold name which makes it kinda more precious than just plain holographic card o.o
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    Default Re: DP expansions reverse holo

    @Pakamon; Reverse Holo's can be any Common to Rare in the US Sets. For the EX sets it confused me when I first saw it, but EX Cards get Border and Picture Holo, Rares can be Picture Holo and Rev Foil get the set Name and all the same pattern in the window. Im glad that the name is no longer on Rev Holo. It confuses cards with Promo Cards.

    I wouldn't consider the rarity based on how "shiny" it is, but instead how common it is to find a card like that. Since 79 Cards have the possibility of being Rev. Holo and you end up getting at least 1 in each booster, its fairly common.


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