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    I'm currently attempting to get into the TCG and so I have recently been trying to create a deck with the following two conditions; no expensive cards and no cards pre-RR. Obviously this weakens the power of the deck for now, but in a years time all cards will be within the format and I will probably get my hands on one or two of the more costly techs.
    Anyway, this mission led me to Donphan Prime. While not a tier one deck, it is certainly playable (hopefully even without broken time-space). It is a stage one Pokemon with 120HP and a 1 for 60 attack. In the following list, I have paired up the deck with Nidoqueen (RR), with the idea that all damage Donphan does to my bench is healed off between turns.
    This decklist is mainly from my own research, but a considerable amount of advice has been given to me from PokemanDanLv45 of YouTube. To see his Donphan Prime video, click here.
    Concerns: I have 9 basic Pokemon. Still not sure if I'm comfortable with this few. Also, lack of BTS means quite a reliance on Rare Candy. One of the main points of this deck is speed (often 'donkability') so this is quite a drawback.
    Techs: My 1-0-1 Metagross line is to counter any annoying plays by Luxray GL Lv. X, meaning he can't trap my Nidoqueen in the active spot. Smeargle is a great basic due to his Poke-Power Portrait. In addition, his attack has a 1-in-4 chance of knocking out a Garchomp C due to type, which is an added bonus.
    Without further ado, here is the current list:

    Pokemon (18):
    4 Phanpy HGSS
    4 Donphan HGSS
    2 Nidoran F RR
    2 Nidorina RR
    2 Nidoqueen RR
    1 Beldum UL
    1 Metagross UL
    2 Smeargle UD

    TSS (30):
    3 Expert Belt
    4 Bebe's Search
    4 Rare Candy
    4 Pokemon Reversal
    3 Pokemon Communication
    4 Super Scoop Up
    2 Professor Oak's New Theory
    2 Bench Shield
    2 Judge
    2 Energy Exchanger

    Energy (12):
    8 Fighting Energy
    2 Psychic Energy
    2 Double Colourless Energy

    I'd fully appreciate any comments/suggestions on this list.

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    fav prime

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    Default Re: Donphan Prime (RR-on)

    Looks like you've got some decent ideas! The Smeargle play, along with most of your T/S/S line, shows that you have potential as a player, as does your deck. Right now, most people consider Donphan/Manectric a more favorable play than Donphan/Nidoqueen, since Manectric defends against Garchomp C Lv.X and, being a stage 1, is more compatible with Donphan, another stage 1. Oh, and dump the Metagross line. It hurts your consistency a lot, and isn't worth it overall.

    Try this:
    -2x Nidoran F
    -2x Nidorina
    -2x Nidoqueen
    -1x Beldum
    -1x Metagross
    -4x Rare Candy
    -2x Pokemon Reversal
    -3x Super Scoop Up
    -1x Bench Shield
    -2x Judge
    -2x Energy Exchanger
    -2x Psychic Energy
    -2x Double Colorless Energy

    +4x Pokemon Collector
    +2x Uxie LA
    +1x Unown Q
    +3x Unown R
    +2x Manectric PT
    +2x Electrike PT
    +2x Warp Point
    +3x Broken Time-Space
    +2x Rainbow Energy
    +2x Lightning Energy
    +2x Seeker
    +1x Professor Oak's New Theory

    Those changes will...
    A. Increase your consistency tremendously.
    B. Greatly increase your capacity for continuous high damage output.
    C. Protect you more against the biggest threat in the metagame: Garchomp C Lv.X

    Try it. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.


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