Definitely not the same as 6 months ago.
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Thread: Definitely not the same as 6 months ago.

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    Default Definitely not the same as 6 months ago.

    Because how could I get rid of Rain Dance? The deck itself looks fine to me, but it just seems to fail most of the time. I'm hoping it's something fixable and not just the deck itself.

    Pokémon: 17
    2x Totodile HS
    1x Croconaw HS
    2x Feraligatr Prime
    2x Squirtle UL
    2x Wartortle UL
    3x Blastoise UL
    1x Floatzel GL
    1x Floatzel GL Lv.X
    2x Uxie LA

    T/S/S: 19/13/0

    2x Rare Candy
    2x Energy Restore
    2x Vs. Seeker
    2x Warp Point
    1x Switch
    3x Dusk Ball
    1x Expert Belt
    2x Poké Healer +
    1x Luxury Ball
    1x Junk Arm
    1x Pokémon Communication
    1x TM TS-1 (Evoluter
    2x Bebe's Search
    2x Interviewer's Questions
    2x Copycat
    1x Professor Oak's New Theory
    1x Pokémon Collector
    1x Professor Elm's Training Method
    1x Marley's Request
    1x Underground Expedition
    1x Palmer's Contribution
    1x Flower Shop Lady

    Energy: 11
    10x Water
    1x Rescue

    SpamSpamSpam Trainers and Supporters until I get a good hand, set up a Gatr and Blastoise, get out a Floatzel GL with a Rescue Energy, and snipe repeatedly. It's pretty basic. All I can think of that I need is a BTS, and maybe a Dawn Stadium.

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    Default Re: Definitely not the same as 6 months ago.

    You, unlike a lot of people, seem to have the right idea. The fact that you're using larger lines of important stuff, along with Uxie and some good T/S/S shows that you're on a good track.

    The deck still needs help, though. Try these changes to maximize the deck's potential:
    -1x Floatzel GL
    -1x Floatzel GL Lv.X
    -2x VS Seeker
    -2x Energy Restore
    -1x Switch
    -1x TM TS1
    -2x Copycat
    -1x Professor Elm's Training Method
    -1x Marley's Request
    -1x Underground Expedition
    -1x Palmer's Contribution
    -3x Dusk Ball

    +4x Spiritomb AR
    +1x Squirtle UL
    +1x Unown Q
    +2x Bebe's Search
    +3x Broken Time-Space
    +2x Poke Healer+
    +1x Expert Belt
    +1x Seeker
    +2x Pokemon Collector

    Spiritomb gives you a great starter, and the other stuff will generally help with consistency, etc..

    Try it out. Even if you don't have the cards, try a proxied version. You have my word that it will work a lot better.


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