I built this deck on the back of the Undaunted Daybreak theme deck (hence the name), and so far it's been particularly potent against most people. Problem is, I keep running into snags here and there where I don't draw anything useful, and I was hoping for some input.

Celebi (Triumphant) x2

Tangela (Call of Legends) x2
Tangrowth (Call of Legends) x1

Bulbasaur (Supreme Victors) x2
Ivysaur (Supreme Victors) x2
Venusaur (Supreme Victors) x1

Oddish (Undaunted) x1
Oddish (Legends Awakened) x1
Gloom (Undaunted) x2
Bellossom (Undaunted) x1

Doduo (Undaunted) x2
Dodrio (Undaunted) x1

Grimer (Undaunted) x2
Muk (Undaunted) x2

Eevee (Undaunted) x3
Espeon (Undaunted) x3

Full Heal (HG/SS) x1
Professor Oak's New Theory (HG/SS) x1
Pokemon Communication (HG/SS) x1
Energy Restore (Arceus) x1
Professor Elm's Training Method (Call of Legends) x1
Dual Ball (Call of Legends) x1
Life Herb (Unleashed) x2
Interviewer's Questions (Unleashed) x2
Team Rocket's Trickery (Undaunted) x2

Psychic Energy x8
Grass Energy x12

I'd really like to make this deck competitive in tournaments, so any suggestions/advice you can send my way would be appreciated.