Alright, so I downloaded the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online from here: Pok

However, once I open it, it just goes to the loading screen. The screen says LOADING... in big sky-blue letters with a dark blue quartz-like pattern in the background. Ive left it alone for hours, and still nothing. I have redownloaded it many times, but its the same every time.

The only other item in the folder that I downloaded is something called "Refresher." When I open this, I get the Pokemon TCG logo in the upper left corner, something that says "Updating game..." then "Step 5 of 5" and then "Patch Completed Successfully." On the right side, it says "1.9.13 Patch Notes May 8, 2013." Below that, it lists the new patch notes. In the bottom right corner there is a yellow "PLAY" button. When I click it, it just takes me to that endless loading screen.

What should I do? I want to play. I am looking for something similar to Dueling Network for YuGiOh ( I am using a MacBook OSX 10.7.5.

Please help!!