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    Default Boundaries Crossed Prerelease

    So its that time again, another in depth look at my Boundaries Crossed Prerelease.

    I knew going in that this would be a difficult set to draft, due to its overall size of 150+ cards. What I didn't know was that I would wind up creating a deck that goes against a lot of my standards.

    Out of my 6 packs I got:
    Meloetta (RH)
    Black Kyurem (RH)
    White Kyurem
    Town Map
    Rocky Helmet
    Asperita City Gym

    (Bolded cards were ones that I could possibly use)

    The deck I wound up building was
    2 Tangela
    1 Heracross
    1-1 Charmeleon
    1-1 Camerupt
    1-1 Swanna
    1 Cryogonal
    1 Pikachu
    1 Meloetta
    2-1 Gliscor
    1 Black Kyurem
    1 White Kyurem
    1 Rocky Helmet
    1 Skyla
    1 Town Map
    1 Switch
    3 Grass Energy
    4 Fire Energy
    3 Water Energy
    3 Electric Energy
    2 Psychic Energy
    4 Fighting Energy.

    Yikes... I wound up with an incredibly risky 6 type deck, running a lot of 1-1 stage 1 lines...

    1st match. I opened with a Gligar active and a numel on my bench. He opened with a psyduck, and some pokemon on his bench I dont remember. I think I went first. Town Map to discover my prizes were 2 energy, Charmander and Camerupt. I attach an energy to gligar and attack. T2 I evolve Gligar into Gliscor. I proceed to take 3 prizes with my gliscor. (taking charmander and Camerupt in the process, getting Charmeleon out and charging it up). After the 3rd KO I send up Charmeleon with Gliscor's night Slash. He sends up a Jellicent. Uses Eerie Light for 40x2 (weakness). Fails the Confusion flip. I use Charmeleon's Raging Claws for KO. (1-0)

    2nd match. I open with something I dont remember active and a benched Gligar against his Spoink. I go first, attach an energy and hit him for 10 with my active. Spoink attack, flips 3 heads to do 30. I use switch to bring up Gligar, attach an energy, attack for 10. He attacks again, 3 tails, no damage. I attach another energy and use wicked jab. 20 damage and I succeed on the paralysis flip. He draws, doesnt get a basic and forfeits. (2-0)

    3rd match. I open with Tangela active, Gligar and Numel benched. He opens with active Oshawott, benched Lillipup. I go first, attach energy, use nap. He attaches an energy to lillipup, passes. I attach an energy, bench White Kyurem and nap. He evolves both his pokemon, attaches an energy to Herdier, passes. I attach another energy to Tangela, evolve Gligar, use Vine Whip for a weakness KO. He promotes Herdier, benches a Petilil and attaches an energy. He uses take down for 60, 10 to self. I evolve Numel, attach an energy to White Kyurem, use Vine Whip. He KOs my Tangela. I promote Gliscor, attach an energy, attach Rocky Helmet use Poison Ring for KO. He promotes Cottonee, puts me to sleep, I take 10, he takes 20. I am still asleep on my turn. I attach an energy to White Kyurem. His turn, still asleep. He passes. My turn, still asleep. I attach an energy to camerupt, bench a pikachu. I finally wake up. He benches something i dont remember, retreats Petilil. I KO his new active after attaching an energy to Pikachu. He Evolves to Lilligant, Uses Return. I use Night Slash (He now has 60 damage), switch to Pikachu. He uses Potion, then Magical Leaf and flips heads, KOing Pikachu and fully healing his Lilligant. I promote Gliscor bench something, use Night Slash, switching to the newly benched pokemon. He uses Magical Leaf flipping heads. He gets a KO. At this point I have Gliscor with 2 energy, White Kyurem with 3 energy (but no fire), and Camerupt with 2 energy (also no fire). I promote Gliscor. I draw and bench Meloetta, and then I look and discover I have already used my Psychic energies. I use Night Slash and switch to White Kyurem. He uses another potion. Magical Leaf, flips tails. I retreat White Kyurem for Gliscor, use Night Slash, switch back to White Kyurem. At this point if he attacks and flips heads, he wins, but if he flips tails and I have an energy (which I dont in my hand) I win. He decides not to take the risk. He benches a Keldeo, attaches an energy, retreats Lilligant, passes. I draw a Fire Energy(!!!). I attach to White Kyurem and use Damage Rush, flipping 4 heads before I flip tails, doing 80. He attaches an energy to lilligant, retreats Keldeo uses magical leaf. He gets heads, he wins, he gets tails, I win. And he flips... TAILS!!! I retreat White Kyurem for Gliscor and use Night Slash to take the final prize (3-0)

    So my combined prerelease record is now 11-4, including two seperate occasions of 3-0. If only there were actual prizes...

    In my last 2 packs I got:
    2x Toxicroak (1 RH)
    Poke Ball
    Great Ball.

    Not great... no Ultra Rares, however my girlfriend got both Crystal Wall and Shiny Altaria (which looks amazing with the new gold border!)

    At the prerelease the were selling DRX packs for $2.50. I bought 7
    Notable Cards
    Mew EX
    2x Devolution Spray (1 RH)
    2x Blend WFLS

    I then proceeded to trade the Mew EX for a Terrakion EX.

    I haven't decided yet (partially depends on the cards I have the ability to obtain) but for cities I will likely be running either Quad Terrakion EX or Gartaria.

    How about you guys? How'd your prereleases go?
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    Default Re: Boundaries Crossed Prerelease

    A lot of people hate on Gartaria :/

    ATM I have entered 2 prereleases, my first one was for Dragons Exalted and I got nothing for my first six packs but I did get Ho Oh EX in my last two boosters.

    For Boundaries crossed I got a Full Art Black Kyurem EX in my first pack but then got really nothing else, I relied on him for my battles.

    For right now my record is 4 - 2
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