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    Okay, looking for some advice here, my main focus of this deck is to use Blastoise(unleashed), Feraligatr Prime(hgss), and possibly golduck (triumphant), while using Magnezone Prime(Triumphant)and Uxie (LA) for drawing, with Ampharos Prime to deal heavy damage from the bench... any advice?
    Possible Deck List:
    2x Totodile (hgss)
    2x Croconaw (hgss)
    2x Feraligatr Prime(hgss)
    2x Squirte (unleashed)
    2x Wartortle (unleashed)
    2x Blastoise (unleashed)
    2x Magnemite (triumphant)
    2x Magneton (triumphant)
    2x Magnezone Prime (triumphant)
    2x Mareep (hgss)
    2x Flaafy (hgss)
    2x Ampharos Prime (hgss)
    2x Uxie (LA)
    2x Broken-Time Space
    4x Rare Candy
    2x Pokemon Communicator
    2x Pokemon Collector
    1x Luxury Ball
    3x Bebe's Search
    2x Double Colorless Energy
    4x Call Energy
    9x Water Energy
    5x Electric Energy

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    This deck seems to have WAY too many Pokemon and evolution lines, and definitely not enough T/S/S to help get them out. I would just focus on one strategy, perhaps the Blastoise/Feraligatr combo (thus only requiring one kind of basic Energy), while devoting the rest of the cards to help get those two out. You'll want a lot more supporters for increased drawpower.
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