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    Default Barrier Deck

    Mewtwo LV. 53 (Base Set 10) x4
    Maintenance (Base Set 83) x1
    Psychic Energy (Base Set 101) x55

    So, basically, you keep using the Mulligan rule until you pull a Mewtwo. (Takes an average of 3 hands, so don't worry.)

    Then, attach a Psychic Energy on Turn One. If the opponent doesn't win in that turn (and I don't see how they will), then you use another Psychic Energy the next turn.

    Mewtwo LV. 53 has an attack called Barrier. With this attack, if Mewtwo has two Psychic Energy, you may discard one of them in order to prevent your opponent's attack from doing anything to Mewtwo, damage or otherwise.

    This being the case, the opponent cannot do anything. Attach a Psychic Energy next turn, and repeat. Do this every turn, until your opponent runs out of cards to draw, causing you to win the duel.

    Because most decks use Bill (Draw 2 cards), Professor Oak (Discard your hand, draw 7 cards), and Computer Search (Discard 2 cards, search your deck for anything), the opponent is likely to deck out first.

    If the opponent does not deck out first, use Maintenance. It allows you to shuffle 2 cards from your hand into your deck and draw a card. Because this causes your deck to have one additional card, your opponent will have to run out of cards to draw before you do.

    And there you have it. What do you think?

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    Default Re: Barrier Deck

    There are cards that would prevent that from working, but only very few if you get Mewtwo ready to go... to bad its benn rotated otherwise i would try it

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    Default Re: Barrier Deck

    Yeah, people tried it, like, eight years ago when Base Set was still legal.

    These cards have long been removed from Organized Play, but even when they were legal there was one big reason why the deck didn't work: Energy Removal. Every deck in this time period ran four Energy Removal/Energy Removal 2. Your opponent dropping one Energy Removal on you means you can't Barrier for one turn, and they'll likely knock out the Mewtwo.


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