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    Default Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon screenshots & details


    Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon screenshots & details

    Transform into a Pokémon? Neato.

    Nintendo have recently unleashed several new screenshots from their upcoming Pokémon titles, Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon Red and Blue Rescue Force for the GBA and DS respectively. We’ve also managed to uncover several new details of both the story and the gameplay.

    Apparently, at the beginning of the game your character is transformed into a Pokémon. As with previous Pokémon titles, which version you have will determine what Pokémon you will transform into (fire types for Red & water types for Blue). You are also asked a set of questions which determine the result of your transformation.

    Gamers will also be accompanied by another Pokémon partner to begin their adventure. The currently known Pokémon partners at the beginning of the game are as follows:

    - Bulbasaur
    - Charmander (Partner in Blue Version only)
    - Squirtle (Partner in Red Version only)
    - Rattata
    - Pikachu
    - Voltorb
    - Chikorita
    - Cyndaquil (Partner in Blue Version only)
    - Totodile (Partner in Red Version only)
    - Treecko
    - Torchic (Partner in Blue Version only)
    - Mudkip (Partner in Red Version only)
    - Lombre

    More Pokémon will be acquired as the game progresses.
    Once players begin their adventure with their partners, they will join a Rescue Force that goes around the world doing tasks for other Pokémon. When gamers successfully complete a task, their reputation will increase and they will have access to new areas and other tasks will be unlocked. Each game will also include dungeons that are randomised each time a player enters them.

    As per usual, the two versions will be able to link up to one another, but at this stage it is unknown what will be acquired when doing so.

    With an expected release of mid-2006 already announced for Japan, it's safe to say it will be a little while before either of these titles are released in PAL countries. But, to tide you over we’ve got several new screenshots from the DS version of the game in the media panel.

    [View Current Media]

    Written by Mark
    神出鬼没 - shin shutsu ki botsu

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    So you turn into something and are accompanied by the opposite type?

    Although still no more Gen4s. This is getting irritating.

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    No offense intended, but this is no more than a reiteration of the CoroCoro and Famitsu articles. The gaming sites usually take their time in distributing recent news on the Pokémon games, and very rarely (if at all) add new information of their own.

    I personally think that BulbaNews should aim to offer a monthly translation of the CoroCoro contents as early as possible (this month, I informed DeltaSuicune of the two scans on the same day they were uploaded so she could add her translation to the BulbaNews article).

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackjack Gabbiani
    So you turn into something and are accompanied by the opposite type?
    If to quote myself from this thread:
    The player selects a partner Pokémon out of a list of the Grass starters, Pikachu, and the Water starters (Red version) or the Fire staters (Blue version). Throughout the game, other Pokémon will join the Rescue Squad, such as Ratatta and Voltorb.

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    Aside from whatever scans we do get online, it's hard to get the materials to the translators, then to the editors on a timely basis. Filb's scans are typically 2 weeks to a month after the Japanese release, for example.

    We need a more efficient pipeline for this task.


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