Nintendo recalls Mysterious Dungeon Blue
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Thread: Nintendo recalls Mysterious Dungeon Blue

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    Soon after the release of ''Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon'' in Japan, a glitch has appeared that has forced Nintendo to recall the Blue edition for DS.

    Mysterious Dungeon is just out but already Nintendo are having to recall the DS version, Mysterious Dungeon Blue, over a major glitch in the game. By attempting to play Mysterious Dungeon Blue with a GBA Game in your DS, the game would delete the backup data of the GBA cart, so long as the game isn't Mysterious Dungeon Red.Nintendo of Japan has warned people not to play Mysterious Dungeon Blue with any GBA game in the DS but has announced they'll be recalling and replacing the games from 8th December - no word about any GBA games hurt in the process though.The fact there'll be a recall over it means it should be completely stricken out of any English language release of the games.

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